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  1. Thank you so much for doing this!! My fav is definitely Dark But Just a Game
  2. Does anyone know what are the songs that are confirmed to be on her next album/mixtape. Is Don't Judge Me going to be on it??
  3. AKA: Raise Me Up BTD: Big Dreams Paradise: Lost Innocence Ultraviolence: Black Beauty Honeymoon: Music To Watch Boys To LFL: Modern Manifesto NFR: LA In Flames COTCC: Wild At Heart
  4. she said she loves taylor swift and folklore and that she would collab with fiona apple
  5. she said happy loner is not on the album but is going to be released at some point
  6. maybe shes releasing a triple video with all of the songs like she did with norman, hiab and bartender
  7. White Dress, Dark But Just A Game and Tulsa Jesus Freak
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