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  1. I can’t, like lord what’s happening?
  2. It’s nothing new atp, the company is doing the same thing w/ bp.
  3. Multistan

    Doja Cat

    You’re right. I like her and everything. She’s the next big thing after Nicki retires.
  4. Multistan

    Doja Cat

    This goes out to the hidden content. PLZZZ I BEG U TO $+fv. No one cares about that man, but here since ur so 0b€$£ over him u bring it up.
  5. Multistan

    Doja Cat

    NO. WAIT. You were directing that message to the hidden comment?
  6. WATERCOLOR EYES IS A GOOD SONG. End of discussion. Those who get it, get it. Those who don’t get it well… I also feel like this song will fit in Cassie’s situation or maybe in Jules.
  7. Multistan

    Doja Cat

    This person did not just say she’s a 100x better than Nicki M…
  8. I can already feel the aesthetic of this album. It will be a mix of UV and NFR
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