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  1. My Torture Garden series from 2003/2004. (I had a solo exhibition with those beauties). You may find them repulsive, but this is the metaphor for psychological pain, and also masochistic erotic fantasy. I left censor flowers somewhere, because in those compositions they added splendour of the contrast between tender/fragile and violent/bloody. [content removed]
  2. 24000 Baci - Adriano Celentano
  3. Paroles, paroles - Dalida&Alain Delon (thanks, @)
  4. OMFG, so hot, you are a genius Keep drawing, it´s your destiny! (And I´m deadly serious) Btw. thanks
  5. Some of my ancient works (btw. I must learn how to make spoilers ) This drawing is old, gradient is extra-fresh (I wanted them to pop-out) [content removed] Those two are happily old and cuddling in front of the fireplace: [content removed]
  6. "Hundred Dollar Bill" and "You Can Be The Boss" are like two-headed cobra or two twin orchids on one stalk, it´s almost eerie (chorus). And "Diet Mt Dew" is their jovial, freckled cousin with all the same gestures (rhythm, melody of the chorus and overall tone of lazy, steamy, golden summer), but higher and more gamesome, multifarious voice.
  7. "I am my only God" remids me of the myth of Narcissus, as well as this image of her touching the surface of the opaque black water in the round pool (also, there are Alice In Wonderland allusions, especially with the tripping delirium): as well as a portal to the haunted house of doppelgangers (god, pure, and evil, corrupted facets of the same person descended in the realm of the shadows) full of identical bloody cherry red rooms in David Lynch´s "Twin Peaks" - a purgatory of sorts, a test for a pure in encounter with the evil spirit Bob - if it succumbs, only its shadow self returns to the face of the Earth, to the daylight: The log lady from "Twin Peaks" claims that owls are not what they seem (they are actually the angels of death, forshadowers of trouble and demise), and the wooden cabin from "Freak" is full of taxidermy animals from the darkwoods, owl among them, that resemble heralds of death or emblems of resurrection/afterlife. And, because you are your only God, you yourself must face and live with your own Devils, there is no shortcut, escape or magnus trickus
  8. I think introverted and melancholic people don't necessarilly avoid jamboree activities, wild lifestyle, sensual pleasures or even ticklish encountering with strangers in the night – at least I speak from my personal experience, as an introvert who mentally and emotionally nurtures myself with deep and meaningful relationships, but is often ready for a quick injection of casual, sparkling, unbounded fun for the purpose of relaxing from ruminations, mental efforts, bloody labour or intimately pessimistic thoughts, or - chiefly - to numb the pain by acting the opposite way, but I cannot speak in Lana's name, although I can agree that a good portion of her sadness is a part of meticulously crafted image. And although I'm not a die-hard fan of astrology, there is something in her being on the cusp between sanguinary, feisty, audacious Gemini and egregiously emotional and moody Cancer who would literaly perish for her lover. Yes, most of depressive individuals are terrified of the nonchalant frivolity of the summer. I think Lana has a very plastic, viscose, slippy personality that has that stupendous ability to act like an extrovert and to metamorphose into totally different, foxy entity to fuel the fire of fun/cheap thrills or snap attention, love and affection, even in the moments when she would rather crowl to her coffin of dark security, emotional blackout and temporary misantropy, but those are just my projections onto the blank papyrus of her public persona, since I don't know her personally. Also, she was certainly dazzling idealist during her adolescence, allegedly living on the street, when she sucked in every impression, sensation and wonder of the world around her and that can be seen in her earlier lyrics which are so fresh, prolific and profuse with fireworks of visual metaphores, electrified associations and lustrous, lucid, unpredictable stream of counsciousness that effortlessly flows in cascades, while now she reduced her verbal expression to simpler, cryptic but „bigger“, heavier, more monumental words,statements and expressions. And, I think that dramatic effect can be achieved by ecstatic imagery also, although melancholia is always more potent, convincing and capable to seduce, shock, distress and narcotize the listener, to suck him deeper into author's limbo or twilight zone of her or his private hells, because we are bloodthirsty by nature and weaker for the gloomy than the merry, just like we tend to be horrified by a carcrash, but simultaneously we cannot avert our eyes from its most eerie and abominable details, like cut throats or ultracrimson flames. Lana obviously counts on that effect, so she is using it intemperately and almost greedily (plus, people tend to identify more with someone's else's despair, than happiness, if I'm not fooled), and she wouldn't be capable of drawing inspiration from melancholia as a phenomena and milking it productively and sooo convincingly if she hadn't had a germ of that blackess in herself already. To me, she is somehow split personality, not meaning dissociation, but containing both Sun and Moon, and the most impressive, magical and cataclysmal works of hers happen when the two polar opposites collide. Or she is just simply a perfectly balanced cocktail of extroversion and introversion. To put it simple, Lizzy was gleeful, curious, playful and adventurous, but life brought some harsh disillusionments for her who dreamt biggest (as Marilyn also stated for herself), so now she is off her seventh heaven and into the Black Lodge of pinewoods muffled in mint-cool, sinister breeze. (To read this again as my biased interpretation, since I tend to romanticize and identify with anything uncanny and obscure). Also, they say that people around 30 tend to finally settle with a temperament that is destined to be their own, and all before is just a great rehearsal for life, a series of experiments in a cosmic meta-chemical laboratory, so a 30-year old paranoid eunuch can easily be explosive, methamphetamine-addicted, carnivorous nympho in her twenties, fleeing from one golden-grilled caregiver to another, like apocalypse is tomorrow. I see Lana that way, who knows how fatally I'm wrong. PS. Sorry for gigantic post, I alwas carry myself away
  9. Whatever you say, mister :godlaugh: I´m going for a beauty sleep now, I don´t have to prove anything to the strangers, my works speak for me and I am not in the mood for teenage babble, hun, my 69-age bones are aching. Good night and do not bother me with your trite, boring 13 year old tricks.
  10. You´re too intelligent to be so predictable. Bye
  11. Ok, to each his own, but I just wanted to see how will you, who appreciate pop, will react to somehow more expressive, distorted and exaggerated version of someone´s classic. I respect pop and mainstream adorers, but I personally think that alternative/punk/indie performers with their own distinctive aesthetics can pull out Bowie´s schtick, or signature demeanour better, because they simultaneously pay tribute to his oeuvre and add much of their own flavour, and they are on the same level of sensibility and taste with him. (Btw. her voice being all over the place is exactly the point) Considering Gaga, I admire her vocal power and strength, I just wish she uses it in more subtle, emotional, nuanced, multilayered way, like Lana, but that is just my biased point of view. Never mind, I thought you will enjoy just a tiny bit, at least by mocking it
  12. Sorry, Gaga fans, but, considering Bowie tributes, Gags can only lick and suck the dirt between toes of this electric dragoness: https://youtu.be/IqgcByaNyhc She is crazy, talented, unique and authentic supernova bitch and even has a gorgeous sex moan here, on top of looney punk screams.
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