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  1. I've been listening to the album several times now, while driving to the city in my car, while making lunch to my baby, while cleaning the house.... and I've got to say this is my favourite album since Honeymoon. I was never big on the piano songs on NFR and COCC, but the piano-driven songs on BB are so pure and beautiful in their honesty and simplicity. I love how honest, raw and unflinching Lana is on this album and really appreciate the way she weaves mundane daily things into something so beautiful in her songs. It's so strange but for years now I have felt that I am on a similar path to Lana... When I started listening to her music when UV came out, I was in a very depressed, lonely, isolated, confused place in my life, and UV reflected that and offered me a lot of solace. When LFL came out, I had got a job, a boyfriend, had a new direction in my life, and I felt that LFL reflected that as well. NFR I felt reflected my mindset I had developed where I just understood that in order to enjoy life I just had to say fuck it and enjoy life for what it was. And now with BB I feel it reflects a lot of the things I have been feeling and thinking about this year, such as how to live life where I can be authentic to myself, how can I truly let go of anxieties, worries and traumas, and just enjoy daily life in all its beauty with my friends and family
  2. The world's a little sadder now that she's not on SM anymore, usually the first thing I did in the morning was to check if she had posted something on Insta. But I totally respect her choice and I think it'll do her a ton of good to just go and live her life and not worry about the whole SM stuff. Lately I've been reading Nick Cave's page "Red Hand Files", where fans send in questions to him on all sorts of topics and he answers them. Would be so nice if Lana did something like that... https://www.theredhandfiles.com/ Also wondering if she's maybe thinking about moving to Hawaii? She sings about being Western bound in Arcadia, and isn't the only place west from LA, Hawaii? She also followed a lot of Hawaii influencers on Insta, even following another one just shortly before she deactivated. And also the recent Edge of Paradise post.. But on the other hand, all her friends & family are in LA, and knowing how much she treasures them, she probably won't want to move. But who knows
  3. I wonder if Lana is supposed to represent the Greek goddess Artemis on Blue Banisters album cover? Artemis is often depicted being accompanied by dogs, and in Wikipedia it says that the dogs were given to Artemis by Pan in the forests of Arcadia. Arcadia is also the place where Artemis was worshipped
  4. I never really took to Hope but after this video I have a whole new apprecation for the song. Love the video, it's so raw and authentic
  5. Some more pics here https://www.gotceleb.com/lana-del-rey-shows-her-engagement-ring-at-beverly-glen-center-in-bel-air-2021-03-16.html
  6. What an iconic interview I didn't know Lana had known Nikki Lane since the making of Ultraviolence already
  7. Remember when the most annoying thing on Lanaboards used to be graham4anything's long ass essays about how Lana is a trailblaizing icon... good old times
  8. Norman fucking Rockwell - 13 (-) Mariners Apartment Complex - 17 Venice Bitch - 21 (+) California - 18 Bartender - 73
  9. Everyone who is saying that last night's dress is the worst thing she has ever worn on stage.... have y'all forgotten about this atrocity
  10. Norman fucking Rockwell - 22 Mariners Apartment Complex - 20 Venice Bitch - 27 Cinnamon Girl - 7 (-) California - 28 The Greatest - 7 Bartender - 21 (+)
  11. You can see two books in her latest Instagram post
  12. So I work in a shipping company called CMA CGM, and I'm kinda amused by the fact that you can see one of our ships in the music video @7:06, but they photoshopped out part of the name on the ship Same with another shipping company - Maersk. You can see the ship @6:35, and they photoshopped the name into "ERSK"
  13. Found this thread randomly on Google and wow.. I haven't been this entertained in a long time Lana has come a long way in the past 6 years tbh
  14. Why does she post photos of her friends on her IG.. Like why should her 12.8million followers care about photos of her friends? Wish she would create a personal IG where she could post all those irrelevant photos
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