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  1. Remember when the most annoying thing on Lanaboards used to be graham4anything's long ass essays about how Lana is a trailblaizing icon... good old times
  2. Norman fucking Rockwell - 13 (-) Mariners Apartment Complex - 17 Venice Bitch - 21 (+) California - 18 Bartender - 73
  3. Everyone who is saying that last night's dress is the worst thing she has ever worn on stage.... have y'all forgotten about this atrocity
  4. Norman fucking Rockwell - 22 Mariners Apartment Complex - 20 Venice Bitch - 27 Cinnamon Girl - 7 (-) California - 28 The Greatest - 7 Bartender - 21 (+)
  5. You can see two books in her latest Instagram post
  6. So I work in a shipping company called CMA CGM, and I'm kinda amused by the fact that you can see one of our ships in the music video @7:06, but they photoshopped out part of the name on the ship Same with another shipping company - Maersk. You can see the ship @6:35, and they photoshopped the name into "ERSK"
  7. Found this thread randomly on Google and wow.. I haven't been this entertained in a long time Lana has come a long way in the past 6 years tbh
  8. Why does she post photos of her friends on her IG.. Like why should her 12.8million followers care about photos of her friends? Wish she would create a personal IG where she could post all those irrelevant photos
  9. The shirt is from here: https://www.shopplanetblue.com/product/good-fuckin-vibes-gfv-embroidered-tee-fresh-out-of-fucks 66 dollars for a shirt
  10. Love everything about this era. MAC is a beautiful song and VB sounds so soothing and nice. VB sounds like something you would cruise along to in 1979 in Los Angeles
  11. I wonder if she will release the book as Lana Del Rey or Elizabeth Grant...
  12. I wonder if the guy who told her that the are both sad and that's why the are together is Jonathan Wilson?
  13. Is she wearing a Kabbalah red string?
  14. This is one of them I think
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