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  1. It’s 10:30pm in Australia and I need to go to sleep but maybe I’ll stay up all night idfk. Any aussies joining me orrr
  2. obviously some time today lets go delulus
  3. god I love this song, it sounds like the witchy suspiria seance coven aesthetic that lust for life was originally going for. fucking inject this shit into my veins mami im so ready... imagine this is track 1 on the new album, like this is the slow build-up intro
  4. Ok I’ve listened 10K times and she says”past present future I see in him”
  5. Jesus saves and I just break shit a thousand ways to get fucked also the sped up bit, im pretty sure she’s saying “past present future ask me again”
  6. Idk, if that recent excerpt from the Grammy voter was indicative of how the industry feels about her, moments like this can only work in Lana's favour: having the winner of the night drag her up on stage and say "Hello??? Guys, she deserves an award!" It's one thing to have these crusty old nobodies ignoring Lana's work, it's another to have the person THEY vote for drag Lana up on stage and acknowledge her. Even though Lana looked upset and didn't want to get up there, I'm glad Taylor did that.
  7. Taylor annoys the hell out of me but tbh we gotta hand it to her - at least she acknowledges Lana and dragged her up on stage to compliment her, I respect her for that.
  8. There's no way she's winning AOTY; it's going to SZA or Taylor. The best we can hope for is that Taylor mentions Lana in her acceptance speech.
  9. I'm so beyond disappointed. I hope Lana knows how loved she is and that this whole circus act means nothing in the grand scheme of her career.
  10. Not obsessed with country but I really like the Henry Come On snippet, also the "Hey Blue Baby" song she sung live with Jack a few years ago, and I absolute LOVED that one "all my friends say my life's like a bad country song", so I have faith it will be good. I mean there's different styles of country and she doesn't necessarily have to be yee-hawing all over the track... like Chemtrails has strong country vibes and I like a lot of those songs. My concern is that Lana is at her best when she infuses her art with a bit of edginess and I feel like country is always very simple and sincere and doesn't really allow for that ethereal/strange 'twin peaks' kinda vibe that Lana taps into. Just please Lana give us good visuals, especially if the music is stripped back and minimal we need Ocean Blvd level production on the cover to bring it to life. Also Country Road was cute but it's not an album track girl. These are my demands requests.
  11. I need Lana to do exactly this genre; imagine her voice over this instrumental. I would literally explode
  12. so...when do they do Lana's category?
  13. they said the video of the year is being awarded next. doesn't this mean thats the end of the show??
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