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  1. the first part of the sermon, about lust and loving your wife and all that, hits so good knowing about how Sean was cheating on his fiancee with Lana. Get him, Judah!
  2. there was this church in my hometown that said "REPENT - OTHERWISE, LAKE OF FIRE" on the side of the building and he really captured that energy. scratches my religious mania itch and contains so much thematically relevant content!
  3. y'know how folks say that perfumes have an undercurrent of something rank and nasty in them so that the smell is interesting and catches your attention that's the beat under the Tommy Genesis sample for me. like it's so ugly to me but I love it and can't stop listening popping my pussy to this Bowser ass beat
  4. i want whatever song she butchered to make the Jon Batiste Interlude i mean I like the interlude, but give us that song and an album!
  5. somewhat regretting picking the green vinyl after seeing it's actual color i literally just got the limited pressing of Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century, which is also snot green... In my Nickelodeon slime era, I guess!
  6. well, see y'all at the men in music business conference then i'll miss this thread's chaos
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