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  1. does anyone know how long shes performing today? im hoping the setlist will be different because this is an arena full of people who came just for her
  2. i mean i feel like let the light in is kinda country so the more i think about it if her newer music leans into that kinda country im happy
  3. everyone make it ur mission to vote and get others to vote, we need to beat the boygenius girlies and especially the fob/paramore girlies. i was looking at the qrts on twitter and surprisingly the fob/paramore ppl were outnumbering lana stans
  4. they need more hits on this tracklist swap bj, bartender for cinnamon girl and west coast or even.. yes to heaven
  5. im so freaking happy that annoying fans comment didnt get to her and she kept the hope choreography in
  6. thank god white mustang got retired replace it w something better literally anything else
  7. i think the live im watching is stuck on her talking to the crowd where are yall watching
  8. the story and the post and the quebec show comment the btd money ran out .. jk jk
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