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  1. kintsugi hits even harder now
  2. not singing “don’t forget me” in the first chorus is Lana’s mute challenge
  3. seems to be she only comes down to barricade when Ricardo and her other faves are there 😐 (jk)
  4. chemtrails and ocean blvd are truly her best songs live this tour (and candy necklace, rip) AND ARCADIA
  5. I’m sorry but this is worse than the actual setlist 😀
  6. just got home from the show and hmmm yesterday her vibe was way better and I felt her more connected. She didn’t even come down the barricade today, maybe cause the show started late but :p idk I felt that something was lacking ( maybe candy necklace) 😭 anyways she sang and looked beautiful, ocean blvd keeps being the highlight of the show for me
  7. JUAT GOT BACK HOME , it was so good guys, I really mean it. She looked gorgeous! and played CANDY NECKLACE and CG
  8. been waiting since 7 am at foro sol , hope she does something different 🕯️
  9. just came back from the show. I gotta say; seeing her live is something else. And although the setlist could be better , it’s good enough for her to shine can’t wait to see her again on tuesday and wednesday in mexico!
  10. it really is atrocious, I hope she sings it again Idk why she sacrifices Ocean Blvd and Candy necklace over older songs like DMD 😭
  11. Candy necklace being chopped is so wrong 😭
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