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  1. A&W needs to be the opener again, it was so good
  2. lowkey hope needs to go, it was cute at first but ...
  3. Arcadia always feels huge, lowkey one of the most grand songs
  4. the outro is just so good it always hits me
  5. Ocean Blvd pls never leave the setlist
  6. I need her to release a cover of My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
  7. does anyone have a link for weekend 2 that isn´t on Mega?
  8. I really don’t want to listen to snow on the beach live 😭
  9. can’t believe we are getting let the light in live tomorrow
  10. you said everything is changeeed oh everything is changed now and nothing is the same ohhhhhhh nothing was the same yeahhh I THINK THAT'S CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZYYY I'm telling you nothing was the same I THINK THAT'S CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZYYY because everything is changed because of those CANDY NECKLACES
  11. The way Mexico's City N1 still has the best setlist from this era (and crowd along with MITA)
  12. rewatching, candy necklace was the best moment, omg so iconic. The pole dancing, the improve, she really ate
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