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  1. If I saw Lana, I would would hug her
  2. Embach

    Taylor Swift

    But how is it Taylor Swift's fault that she's touring and has sold out shows? It's more of the team's or Ticketmaster's fault that Bey's tix weren't sold?
  3. I remember something I heard that in 2019 (during NFR Tour) a fan wanted to kiss Lana and then Sean came and said no or something
  4. Embach

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Marina's recent Instagram stories:
  5. Embach

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    I used to have an obsession that I always stalked people's insta pages and watch who were they following. After Lana posted QFTC, I knew that Marina, who is a big feminist wouldn't like this after that "I'm not not a feminist" and all the other "rant" of dropping female artists names. After Lana posted it on May 21st, 2020, I checked Marina's Insta "followings" and Lana was still there. I did it following day too and she was still following Lana and somewhere on 23rd or 24th, Lana wasn't in Marina's "followings" anymore. I scrolled the whole list down, searched for her name, boom, Lana wasn't there anymore, she unfollowed her. I knew it very well that Marina wouldn't "approve" her letter.
  6. She looked so beautiful there. Just very amazing look - a stunning white dress, gorgeous hair. She looked like an angel there, or a fairy or Aphrodite. One of her best looks this tour for sure! The vocals were just brilliant. Her vocals this tour have been so strong. The best part of this tour are definitely her vocals. At this point I don't care even about the setlist anymore, I know she won't change it anymore but the songs there are still close to my heart and her vocals still shine very beautifully there. Just incredible vocals. She killed every critic with the vocals who said in her early breakthrough years that she can't sing. Now, I'm so happy that she's getting rave reviews and critical acclaim in general for her shows. She definitely deserves that! I'm starting to like the dancers there too. They're really nice and supportive to Lana and if Lana feels comfortable with them, I'll let her be. The choreo for Chemtrails Over The Country Club is my favorite, it's so wonderful, somehow it reminds me of the music video but I don't know how and why. But there is that element that reminds me of that. Her band was amazing too, I have always loved her band. I am sad that she didn't play For K, Part 2 live but I'm glad that someone recorded the soundcheck because thag mashup between Arcadia, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Black Beauty and For K, Part 2 was just genius. What a great combination of songs and of course great vocals. I'm surprised and very happy that she still remembers the lyrics for For K, Part 2 because after she wrote/recorded that song, she has written like million more songs. She should do more mashups in her live shows, so she could fit more songs in the setlist! Overall, it was a perfect show in my opinion. I even kind of loved it more than the European shows, but I don't know why. Although, I think that my favorite show of her tour so far is the Rio De Janeiro one! Still this tour has been incredible, especially with her vocals! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
  7. I was kind of half-kidding there lol. Blue is a beautiful color, it's one of my favorites. I mean blue is where the name blues came, of course she likes it. And blue is very America too. The color of skies and seas too.
  8. Thank youuuuuuuuuu, is it Lana, the one who's wearing the black dress in the middle? She's gorgeous w it Also I would hate that moment if she sings For K pt 2 and the audience doesn't sing it along besides 2 stans because the others are some 10 year old tiktokers
  9. Maybe she's singing For K, Pt 3, the lead single from LDR10 called Revenge Of Lana Del Rey
  10. Remember when in 2018 she soundchecked Paradise 2011 unreleased song and she later performed it Told ya
  11. Maybe the audiobook when she has recorded some of the poems.
  12. If someone told me that this is from 2017, I would believe it. She's so radiant, I'll never shut up on how beautiful she is!
  13. Lana Del Rey + any kind of airport = always great and beautiful photos. She's glowing, she's just so beautiful
  14. She looks so Lust For Life era Gorgeous queen as always!
  15. My favorite album, my favorite album, my favorite album, my favorite album, my favorite album, my favorite album, my favorite album
  16. Well it's a long story of me becoming a fan
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