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  1. Arctic Monkeys and The Neighbourhood would fit perfectly
  2. And the grammy goes to WHAAAAAAAAAAAA ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Good bye world lana didn't win for 2963389201th time have a nice time leak zodiac leak dark city love you all
  4. I know it’s a silly question, but how can I become an insider and what are the requirements?
  5. 1- Velvet crowbar 2-Heart-Shaped Box 3-Hey You 4-Paradise 5-Ave Maria (as an Interlude) 6-Get Dark 7-Your Girl 8-Madly 9-Serene Queen 10-Hollywood's Dead 11-Damn You 12-Zodiac 13-Dark City 14-Silverlake 15-Roundtrip Ticket Bonus Track 16-Preacher 17-Dead To Me 18-Sugary Sweet
  6. This is my first leakfest, and I think it’s the worst one, really. I expected it to be filled with excitement and chaos with unleaked songs we eagerly anticipate daily at a specific time but boo snore, I feel really sleepy I hate this feeling when you’re excited about something but won’t get it Thanks to you leakers for ruining our joy and excitement
  7. Lana - When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing
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