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  1. Yesterday i was at a record store… i saw an album cover, of an artist i do not really know… but i immediately had to think of lana! I think it would be really cool if she did something similar for ‚LASSO‘ !!
  2. So i made some ‚LASSO‘ Concepts because i was bored i was inspired by album covers by other artists
  3. I’ll take candy necklace too… I love Jon but what if it happens after candy necklace
  4. If she would play a New Song and Coachella — Woodstock In My Mind after Arcadia Everyone would be gagged
  5. Concept 👹 COWBOY MOTORCYCLE (INTERLUDE) (FEAT. QUAVO) Lana's Part: and Neil takes a pictures of me in the desert, sittin' on the horses back Headlined Coachella, took me only 37 Days whispered call me back while switching from a horse to a motorcycle Tuned and turned up „Neil take a good one of quavo" Quavo: Ladie with the Cowboy boots on the horse Take me into the desert about the criticism? We don't care' about em grammys? We don’t care’ Got Eilish on the stage Dolly on the record What more? Both: Boots back to my roots Boots back to my roots Cowboy Motorcycle Tune Boots back to my roots Yeah This is the Cowboy Motorcycle Tune Sorry My Songwriting is Trashy asf but i had a vision
  6. Here Is The Link To Their Spotify Profile : )
  7. Black Country, New Road So i’ve discovered this band called ‚Black Country, New Road‘ They Released Their Debut Album 2021 it’s called ,For The First Time‘ and their sophomore Album 2022 it‘s called ,Ants From Up There‘ Most Of Their Songs Are Pretty Long For Example The Song ,Basketball Shoes‘ which is over 12 Minutes Long … I don’t Know A Band I could compare to them… Make Sure to check them out some of their songs are pretty good!!
  8. Tommy Genesis Confirmed As Co-Writer For Lasso !!!?
  9. I love burnt Norton but Jon Batiste interlude has my heart
  10. Elton John mentioned Lana in a new interview with laufey https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4BIgb5CReO/?igsh=N2x6Z3hkYzlteXU5
  11. Agree!! I also could imagine the club version thingy for nfr
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