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Venice Jesus Whore

Ranking the Album Covers

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  1. Norman Fucking Rockwell!
  2. Honeymoon (Urban Outfitters)
  3. Ultraviolence
  4. Born to Die
  5. Paradise
  6. Chemtrails Over the Country Club (Alternate)
  7. Lust for Life
  8. Honeymoon (Original)
  9. A.K.A.
  10. Norman Fucking Rockwell! (Urban Outfitters)
  11. Chemtrails Over the Country Club (Original)
  12. Ultraviolence (Urban Outfitters)


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Listen.... The bare, unwounded knee contrasts the title Ultraviolence perfectly. She exposes her knee to her man and therefore shows her vulnerability. Why the knee? Because it's a spot that gets easily wounded and there's also eroticism surrounding it. It's a very playful, aesthetic picture, especially considering the title. Also, its minimalistic nature makes it a very interesting cover:oprah3:

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1. Lust For Life

2. Ultraviolence

3. Blue Banisters 

4. Ultraviolence Alternative

5. Honeymoon

6. Norman Fucking Rockwell!

7. Born To Die

8. Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant

9. Norman Fucking Rockwell! Alternative 

10. Honeymoon Alternative

11. Paradise

12. Chemtrails Alternative

13. Chemtrails Over The Country Club

tumblr_inline_nojcj6qe1j1s5i2my_400.gif gmgif.gif morrissey-flowers.gif

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My ranking:




1. Born to Die

2. Ultraviolence

3. Ocean Boulevard

4. Paradise





5. Lust for Life

6. Honeymoon




7. Norman Fucking Rockwell (the cassestte cover would have been so much better - https://www.discogs.com/release/14065026-Lana-Del-Rey-Norman-Fucking-Rockwell)

8. Chemtrails over the Country Club 




8. Blue Banisters (snooze)




9. AKA


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Ooo yes. But I'd genuinely swap the order all the time between 1-6 because I love all of them a lot.

1. Ultraviolence

2. Ocean Boulevard

3. Born To Die

4. Paradise

5. Honeymoon

6. Blue Banisters

7. Normal Fucking Rockwell

8. AKA

9. Lust for Life

10. Chemtrails


Alt covers:

1. HONEYMOON (and this would win over even the official covers)

(The following I'd place between 6 and 7 above)

2. Ultraviolence

3. The Chemtrails Wolf cover

4. All the Ocean Boulevard ones

5. Blue Banisters with tractor

6. Normal fucking Rockwell

7. Chemtrails

8. The other 2 Blue Banisters alt covers

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