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On 4/16/2024 at 7:36 AM, DemonMic2003 said:

What’s everyone’s fav released Tove Lo song, mine is sadder badder cooler 

well idk I love many of her songs so I guess I'll just drop my favourite 10 with no particular order:

  • My Gun
  • Moments
  • Thousand Miles
  • This Time Around
  • Lady Wood
  • Flashes
  • Don't Talk About It
  • Stranger
  • Mateo
  • 2 Die 4

see but there's also True Disaster, Bad as the Boys, Struggle, Shivering Gold, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Habits, Talking Body, No One Dies From Love, Grapefruit, Sweettalk My Heart, Cool Girl, Imaginary Friend, shedontknowbutsheknows... she really has like a shitton of songs I absolutely adore so I just can't choose one from the ones above.

"I'm wild, I'm free, no man can handle me"


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LOVE BITES nelly furtado (feat. Tove Lo & SG Lewis) out MAY 22ND


New song performed last night at CLUB HEAT

"Busy Girl / Better"




Supposed Tracklist May Include

  • Busy Girl AKA Push
  • Heat
  • In Out
  • Desire AKA One More Night
    Be Honest AKA Man Outta You
    Love Bites (feat. Tove Lo & SG Lewis)
    Don't Judge (feat. Lauv)

also the EP is Supp*sedly out JULY 10TH 


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On 5/12/2024 at 8:44 PM, Imalreadygonebaby said:

Is there a masterpost with all the leaks? None of the links work anymore :defeated:

Please Give us one! :icant:


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