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That video isn't available in my country but does it say/are you saying that Iggy doesn't talk about that kind of stuff? I like some of her music but she's rapped about all of that cliché hip hop stuff since she first started.


Of course not! I love gangsta hip-hop and that cliché but I can't take some of them seriously because they are either too serious about it or not believable. There's a thin line between cheesy or cool. 


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If you want music similar to the first artists you mentioned check their label, but for some Great/ Essential Hip Hop Albums a quick search should give you artist discography like Nas (Illmatic) Dr Dre (Chronic/2001) Snoop Dogg (DoggyStyle) Tribe Called Quest (Any one of their albums) Outkast (Aquemini) 2PAC (Me against the World) Jay-Z (Reasonable Doubt) Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Biggie (Ready To Die) Kanye (College Dropout or MBDTF) NWA (Straight Outta Compton) are some of the names that get thrown around. Theres also a lot of good free mix tapes on sites like Datpiff.com if you want to get a taste of artists and see what you like, theres been some pretty good one finds for me lately. Have fun . My Essentials list is very bare bones if anyone wants to add to it feel free.

They aren't my thing but if you like Tyler you should check out everyone else in OFWGKTA they've got a lot of people in it. Speaking of OFWGKTA everyone should give Frank Ocean a try he isn't a rapper but his music is sick give it a listen


Also thank you everyone for giving me new artists to check out. Appreciate it  :smile: 


Oh boy. I love this idea...the concept of "classic" albums is one that will fascinate me till the day i die.


from hours and hours of lurking on the Hip Hop Heads reddit, this is a slightly different list of albums from 1990 to the present that would fit as classics. Personally, I can vouch for the additional greatness of the Fugees' The Score, Jay-Z's The Black Album, The Roots' Things Fall Apart, and Mos Def's Black on Both Sides. Every Kanye record too, but that's almost a given. Kanye is to, well, everyone, what Azealia is to post-everything Tumblr-heads...here's looking at @@SitarHero + Ataraxia.


I really want to listen more to Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, it's supposed to be great. Same for Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, and most of Biggie's discography. Recently, I've really been digging Future's Honest, Danny Brown's Old, and just about every OutKast album. I guess Aquemini is the one that should be on here, but Stankonia is mentioned almost as frequently and is slightly higher on MetaCritic. They're hard to compare.  

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oh my gawwwd i love this thread, i think i just liked every post. i will have to come back and make a post with better links but after browsing this here are some groups /people not yet mentioned (that i have seen live, so this aint just 10 hype men yelling over a karaoke track crap rap):


Lupe Fiasco - featured on Touch the Sky with Kanye, Push Kick, American Terrorist, he has newer albums but the first one is a great place to start


The Roots - good lawd so much to list, but Black Thought is one of my favorite male rappers - check his freestyle


PUBLIC ENEMY - this is a homework assigement for anyone who hasn't heard this, you gotta hear the first album and just block out all you know about Flavor Flav on reality TV. RIP Eric Garner


rage against the machine - ok i have ventured into is this hip hop or rap or rap rock, but f it. RATM is classic and was revolutionary back in the day. i dont even know what song to link, they are so many. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w211KOQ5BMI


Arrested Development - they were before the TV show, i love the positive vibes and group mentality


Doomtree - i think they are still on tour, get out there and see em. this is a rap collective, most of the artists also do good solo shit




i also added a bunch of artists to my 'gotta listen to it list' from this thread. 

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Don't be condescending now Madrigal 6x9HYPd.gif

no shade!1!11


i think it's interesting that both Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, while rappers with distinct flows and indisputable ability, take their primary influence from outside the realm of hip hop. Azealia seems to breathe more Interpol and The Strokes than Biggie or Jay; Angel Haze talks about Sia and works with Markus Dravs. Azealia knows about house music - so interesting to me. i know absolutely nothing of it, and i can't help but feel that's what contributes to the truly original feel of her music. she also has the brain of talib kweli or q-tip in the body of a 20-something, foul-mouthed Harlemite, which is an awesome mix. I don't even know how to classify Angel. maybe pop rap that isn't really popular? the album was unbearably generic, but her mixtapes show a kind of genuine soul that transcends cheesy. she's special, maybe. 


another thing on those two - both are doing something very unique as far as their careers as women in the world of hip hop. look back at the last twenty years of female rappers - if any of them achieved fame, however fleeting, they always had a male figure right next to, if not directly overseeing, them. i don't even think it's arguable. (note: this is not an attack on the ability of any of the following artists, or the quality of their art. it's merely a list cataloguing my observations of how the industry tends to work. please don't hear me saying something i'm not.) 



  1. missy elliott (billboard hits, six platinum albums) had timbaland producing and collaborating with her on far more material than she did without him.
  2. lil kim had diddy, biggie, and everyone else in junior m.a.f.i.a. when she started getting big in the early 2000s. without biggie, especially, she probably never would have even signed a deal, a fact she has been keen to remind everyone (especially biggie's widow) since. 
  3. da brat had jermaine dupri, a driving force for her first one-hit wonder status and the so so def deal which carried her relevancy through the early 2000s. 
  4. trina had trick daddy and / or ludacris
  5. eve had the ruff ryders (particularly swizz beatz) and dr. dre on board from the breakthrough success of 'scorpion'
  6. foxy brown had jay-z (and nas, among others) along with her on her first (and only) hit 'i'll be' in 1996, and has had very little impact since. 
  7. rah digga had busta rhymes and "flipmode squad" for the brief period she was relevant in the early 2000s. 
  8. if we have to name the un-nameable, a certain australian rapstress owes almost all her success in the industry to t.i. i have a feeling she's by far his most profitable investment since his hits dominated the radio in 2008. 
  9. nicki minaj's relationship with safaree samuels is not something i have the tools or knowledge to evaluate, but it's definitely something to ponder here. if not safaree, her relationship with weezy will suffice for the sake of this article just fine. 

lauryn hill is a bit of an enigma to this concept, but nonetheless started losing popularity and interest in music altogether after the split with wyclef and pras after the fugees were to reunite in '05. then again, both 'clef and pras have mentioned at points that she is totally crazy, and some of her blog posts and recent interviews lend themselves quite well to this theory. she and erykah badu should do a record together. 

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this is not to debate your post @@Madrigal.  i just woke up with lady rappers on my mind and wanted to share some live performances 


Jean Grae


man, i've always wanted to listen to her ('cuz i know she's been around forever, and she's friends with Mos Def / the Roots / etc.), i've just never got around to it before. most underground rap is beyond me, but she sounds like Noname Gypsy. i like it. 

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6 new lauryn hill tracks are coming on the nina simone tribute album. she has a home studio and must have 100s and 100s of unrelated tracks smh. but in recent years all the few songs she has posted and the way she performs old songs live, her flow is just too fast


Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone:

01 Lisa Simone: Nobody's Fault but Mine (Intro)
02 Ms. Lauryn Hill: Feeling Good
03 Ms. Lauryn Hill: I've Got Life 
04 Ms. Lauryn Hill: Ne Me Quitte Pas
05 Jazmine Sullivan: Baltimore
06 Grace: Love Me or Leave Me
07 Usher: My Baby Just Cares For Me
08 Mary J. Blige: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
09 Gregory Porter: Sinnerman
10 Common & Lalah Hathaway: YG&B
11 Alice Smith: I Put a Spell On You
12 Lisa Simone: I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl
13 Ms. Lauryn Hill: Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
14 Ms. Lauryn Hill: Wild Is the Wind
15 Ms. Lauryn Hill: African Mailman
16 Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free


this is so good, there needs to be a Ms. Lauryn Hill album. She recorded tracks with Kanye in 2005 he wanted to help her make a comeback

"It's 2011, and we should all be aware of exactly how fast technology is developing" - Lana Del Rey

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man, i've always wanted to listen to her ('cuz i know she's been around forever, and she's friends with Mos Def / the Roots / etc.), i've just never got around to it before. most underground rap is beyond me, but she sounds like Noname Gypsy. i like it.

love her, love X-Men, love her thoughts on gender race and comic book heroes, http://www.cc.com/episodes/rojf5p/the-nightly-show-march-19--2015---race--gender---superheroes-season-1-ep-01031


this mixtape is lit - http://www.datpiff.com/Jean-Grae-Cookies-Or-Comas-mixtape.243751.html


Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch   guest on some tracks

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On 6/30/2015 at 2:19 PM, TRENCH said:

Geraldo Rivera on Kendrick Lamar: “Hip-hop does more damage to African-Americans than racism”






Your mustache does more damage to America Geraldo


fkn hilarious how 3 years later Kendrick was inspired by this in his PULITZER prized album


On 12/16/2015 at 9:46 AM, TRENCH said:

Trending on Hip Hop/Trap now





and how Post Malone is now one of the biggest artists in the world and not the one hit wonder everyone tought he would be with white iverson 

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