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Charli XCX

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1 minute ago, twitter said:

Some people in here are still so mad over other people NOT being mad at the album artwork,,, :lmao:

it’s literally the opposite lol


2 minutes ago, Monsef said:

No one’s mad sis. Chile.


1. if you like cover then fine, you seriously cannot be daft enough to not understand why people might disagree with you.

2. just because somebody doesn’t like it doesn’t automatically mean they don’t get it. lol. that’s like telling a joke and saying “you obviously didn’t understand because you didn’t laugh.”

3. ironically those of you having spaz attacks about the negative reactions to aspects of this era so far are the ones who are actually inciting “hate” and “negativity.” i don’t know what it is about this thread specifically and charli fans in general but people have differing opinions and writing dissertations about why they are wrong to do so is insane behaviour lmao


like i think you think some of us are over here seething over this cover and it’s just not the case. i just don’t like it, i’m a little disappointed at most. still love charli, still enjoying von dutch, still excited for the album. it’s literally just pop music let’s all just take a deep breath

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