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  1. This. IPFR sounds so cinematic and instantly anthemic. I could easily see it in a ton of romance/drama movies/tv shows. Think of all the sync licenseing money she could make.
  2. Sky looks amazing. It's simple and beautiful. I'm not sure what some ppl are on because this is pretty on theme... it's rich and glamours.
  3. to sweep and vaccum
  4. Music aside, Sky is kind of awful for letting poor innocent SFU be her mouthpiece only to go back on her promises and let them take the heat for it. I find it incredibly telling on her personality. I don’t particularly know or really like SFU (I’m sure they’re fine but accounts like that foster too much group fanaticism) but they shouldnt have felt the need to make a post like that lol
  5. theyre too far up sky’s pussy. If she told them to jump theyll ask how high.
  6. Sky delaying her comeback to be respectful of the holy month of Ramadan. Queen of respecting abrahamic monotheistic religious customs and traditions!
  7. And thats how message boards should be. Otherwise im sure a private twitter account or a diary would suffice
  8. Descending sounds like some kpop shit im crying
  9. Yeah but honestly aside from all to myself (which had 1 verse and chorus and was saved by a fan mix), and pray for rain… those tracks were mediocre for sky
  10. Unfortunate but unsurprising. I still want descending and all my lovers die but eh, sky’s music sensibilities are great so I’ll let it go. I feel like she could be an excellent a&r/producer.
  11. Does this mean songs or just demo mixes?
  12. I never said fuck sky ferreira sky ferreira is my friend
  13. This was so funny to me that had she actually ignored us this time i wouldve been fine with it
  14. Everytime i see your stan list i laugh cuz i always think you keep gradually lowering her dkgjksjfkdgn
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