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  1. Kill Kill

    Lady Gaga

    I was literally in the middle of coming out of my lurker hole to say this same thing lmao That's subjective though. You also stated "it's not very relatable" earlier on, which is also subjective -- personally, I've found many songs on Chromatica to be relatable, but obviously that only pertains to myself. Like I totally understand what you're trying to say, hon; I just think wording might be the issue here ANYways... has anyone received their signed albums or jockstraps yet bc I'm still... impatiently... waiting
  2. Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten out February 16, 2018
  3. Kill Kill

    Charli XCX

    the fucking drop in Down Like Wow my life will be complete when No Angel finally leaks tho
  4. that's what I absolutely love about this record, there's so many cross references between songs like this
  5. now I understand why she said it was Architecture's sister track, holy shit
  6. I think it's just like 7 seconds of silence they cut off so it flows better into the next track
  7. i downed like 5 mimosas and listened to the album from start to finish and honestly gurl you're in for an experience
  8. i swear to fucking god if she doesn't see this and take notes and use this in a music video im suing because that could be such an aesthetic
  9. ok but I'm here for #LDRInSpace2K17 singing God Bless America from the moon honestly
  10. HONESTLY I actually screamed when I first heard it because the way she says "bitch!" is almost exactly the same way me and my best friend would say it lmaoooo
  11. omfg now that you mentioned that I'm getting major surfy vibes from those guitars, god still waiting for her to re-record Kill Kill tho tbh
  12. ok is it just me or is Lust for Life like Ultraviolence and Born to Die's lovechild i feel like it has elements of both and I fucking love it, Heroin and Cherry in particular are v Ultraviolence but White Mustang gives me BTD vibes
  13. im drunk and finally listening start to finish in iTunes quality and im crying while im cumming im so shook rn
  14. Yeah, Genius says "crowding way of being" although I wouldn't have been surprised if she actually did reference Aleister Crowley
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