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Melanie Martinez

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I came here after seeing her post on insta. I really haven’t been keeping up with her like I used to. So, there’s probably a new single coming soon? 

edit: I just realized her post is a video and not a picture:deadbanana: I’m intrigued:pout:

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37 minutes ago, x VB said:

Another what. That album was released 3 years ago 

I know but you never know 🥲 there was someone saying that K12 Heart Shaped + Mint is gonna be repressed

:icant:  Did You Know That The B***h Emptied My Bank Account? :icant:



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59 minutes ago, misslonaxo said:

The portals title was attached to the big first leak of MM3... i just assumed it was a placeholder title, like Woodvale for taylor etc etc. Nope I guess the album is fr called Portals


wasn’t the first leaked title Medieval Dynasty? or something like that

i also assumed the album would be called Purgatory or Somewhere Between Life And Death 

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