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Kim Petras

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Just listened to Problématique with the new tracklist and honestly, I really like this tracklist, it flows very well. I do think HIFTB and Revelations should've been on it instead of on FTB though. HIFTB felt like such an integral part of the album and Revelations is one of the best songs from those sessions. I guess Revelations does fit the more punchy sound of FTB better than the softer sound of Probématique (even though FTB sounds like a playlist instead of an album skk). Sex Talk and Coconuts not being on it makes the album better tbh, 2 flop songs that brought down the overall quality idc idc. Weird that Future Starts Now isn't on it but I never really cared for that song either so whatever. Treat Me Like a Ho should've gotten the BOOT, kinda a stain on the tracklist (I do like the beat though definitely I thought it was fun). Your Time to Cry should've been on it instead, but I saw smthn about how that song got sold so I guess that wasn't an option. Dance to Forget and Left My Body are cute for the sessions album, they weren't really worthy of a spot on the album. Love that Love Ya Leave Ya is the closer, that song should've been on the standard tracklist from the beginning.


Anyways this post is long as fuck I think I'm just gonna delete Treat Me Like a Ho and put HIFTB, Revelations and YTTC in there and call it a day! A lovely 12 track album.



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my problematique tracklist...


1. Problématique 

2. Je T'Adore

3. All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton)

4. Born Again

5. Deeper

6. Hit It From The Back

7. Sex Talk (idc it fits + better than TMLAH so i don't wanna hear it)

8. Something About You

9. Confession

10. Revelations

11. Dirty Things

12. Love Ya Leave Ya

13. Your Time To Cry

14. Future Starts Now

15. Coconuts (Bonus Track) :hooker:




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Gonna be using this tracklist:

  1. Problématique
  2. Je T'adore
  3. All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton)
  4. Born Again
  5. Something About You
  6. Revelations
  7. Confession
  8. Hit It From The Back
  9. Deeper
  10. Dirty Things
  11. Love Ya Leave Ya
  12. Your Time To Cry

I usually wanna stay true to official tracklists so I didn't really change the original order. Didn't know where to put Revelations at first but I like the contrast of it following Something About You (mimicing the contrast of TMLAH following it originally). HIFTB just makes sense between Confession and Deeper (and it came after Confession on the original tracklist). I just tacked on Your Time To Cry at the end without much thought tbh bshdbf 



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38 minutes ago, KillForLove said:

Why they held Problematiqué, a light-dancey warm weather album until Sept 2023 and released FTB, a much heavier, imo winter album in June 2023 is beyond me. Republic screwed her so hard.

bc problematique isn't the focus of the promotional campaign, instead it is something cute she's throwing for her hardcore fans (like a mixtape). plus feed the beast features a lot of summery songs such as the title track, king of hearts, uh oh and all the problematique scraps that made it on the tracklist 

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6 hours ago, Veinsineon said:

Tropical Pop


Sex Talk

Hit It From The Back



Rosita Street


Malibu 2.0

Push Push Push

Roller Girl

I feel like I've seen you drop this tracklist every 6 months but every 6 months you're right!

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