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  1. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    dark blue tennesee is pretty much the only unreleased song of taylor i actually listen to (not counting need bc its a newer leak), im very excited to listen to taylors version of that one
  2. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    another song i dont believe is from the vault is atw 10 min version. i think she just added new verses bc we were all so obsessed with that idea. no fucking way 2011 taylor swift wrote "fuck the patriarchy keychain on the ground" and "ill get older but your lovers stay my age"
  3. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    yes the 1989 vault tracks especially suburban legends is so reminiscent of taylors more receny songwriting, i would only believe it was actually from the vault if the og track leaked
  4. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    360 its cute but i cant say i see it as a club banger as she promised the album would be. its ok tho its not like i go to any clubs
  5. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    idk about that because we knew why it ended, it was all on midnights - so long london just feels like revamped youre losing me. i think she sounds exausted because she was exausted
  6. dua lipa is kinda like our generations abba when you think about it
  7. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    i dont see why everyone is so definitive about this song being about lorde, it could be about many people
  8. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    my skips are the alchemy (sorry), thank you aimee, peter, the bolter, robin and the manuscript
  9. the amount of ppl emerging from the shadows to say theyre fans because of this post is very telling; i really disliked 90% of portals but maybe the album wouldve been a success if she wasnt using that fugly costume the whole time
  10. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    speaking of albums that would benefit from editing -- lover. i was thinking about how the reception of the whole era would be completely different if the album was 12 tracks long. in a perfect world my tracklist for lover is:
  11. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    i think this album suffers from the lack of editing, not only in terms of what tracks were going to be released but also in the songwriting. some of the songs in it do sound like what taylor sounds like to people who dont like her music - the title track for exemple. but i do love it and i see the vision, i just think the mixed reviews she's getting are going to push her into a more focused writing, and also i think she's switching producers in the next album
  12. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    im brazillian so buying tickets is never a stress for me (bc artists never come to my city
  13. champainproblms

    Taylor Swift

    omg yes i completetly agree, feels like theres no cohesion in this tracklisting
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