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  1. since the release of midnights this song has been a skip for me. i just find it boring, regardless of lana being in it or not. but i gotta say i love her delivery and from now on this is the only version of snow on the beach that exists
  2. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    why do i love this so much i can't believe it's fanmade it's so clean
  3. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    the atitude is what matters
  4. i agree!! iichliwp is halsey's best work, it's a shame that judging from her latest single she's going pop again for her new album
  5. bc her debut album is one of the most critically acclaimed of the past decade, has been in numerous decade-end lists, and has gained a cult following that stayed invested thorought all these years. aside from that, she also keeps teasing a second album, while most debut only artists just release the album and fall off the face of the earth
  6. do we have a tracker for all her unreleased stuff?
  7. i cant believe that incredible chorus was wasted on...well this.
  8. just came here to say that after coachella i realized frank ocean is kinda the male version of sky. keeps teasing an album that will probably never come, shows up late for concerts and gives a mediocre/bad performance but at least he released a second album
  9. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    uuughh i love your covers they're all so good
  10. the creature's face is SO UGLY... everytime i see those bulging staring at me never blinking is like seeing war flashbacks, truly the stuff of nightmares
  11. omg ethel just posted her merch for coachella, and one of the designs is a page from the preacher's daughter book ????????? i'm so excited it is just too well written to be just a piece of merch right it has to be from the actual book. anyway i thought willoughby was alive but apparently not, and if so, how is it her fault he "won't come home"? i have so many questions
  12. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    i'm in the process of organizing my charli unreleaseds as well, and i'm doing it by album sessions. didn't have time to creat the artwork for them all except for number 1 angel bc i had a vision, feel free to use it also, another good way to organize them is by year/genre, you can make unreleased collections based on them
  13. champainproblms

    Charli XCX

    true romance truly changed my music taste forever and its still on my top 3 charli albums, i love it so much. cant believe its turning 10 years old this year, im old
  14. has anyone figured out the underlining story of portals or do yall think its just separate things the creature goes through kinda like crybaby? cause truly for me this "concept album" is bs. there are many songs in this album soo obvi about things that happened to melanie herself and are from this world, it completely takes me out of wherever she's trying to take me
  15. reason 27389 why cds are better than vinyl
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