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  1. i thought i heard her sing the word blue in every possible melodic and enchanting way but i was proven wrong
  2. im not asking for links but does anyone know where i can find a good updated masterpost pls
  3. we wont even be getting this album until maybe this fall wow
  4. i stopped believing in god when i was twelve after years of praying to a magical man in the sky for my life to get better and i realized shortly after im the one who will determine my fate also lana has just said fuck it at this point
  5. loving it but also imagining lana singing it bc it has her written all over it
  6. he looks like my ex, lana we need to love ourselves
  7. this is what we have resorted to? color themed games? are we age regressing because of her lack of album promotion im sick.
  8. After listening to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's statements about the same man who operates the grammy award shows stunting their creative abilities/desires it got me thinking that maybe someone in the recording academy possibly blackballed Lana from winning any awards let alone getting nominations. I probably am extremely biased but lana has put out so much magnificent music in her career that has been critically acclaimed for her lyricism and sound and shes never won not one grammy it's truly perplexing.
  9. Has it occurred to any of these journalist at any point that maybe in the past Lana wasn't just some lost longing puppy who's only desire was to fulfill the needs of her men and she was in fact a woman in charge and aware of her choices and enjoyed doing the things she's claimed in her music? Is there a certain requirement for what is deemed self empowered women? Must all self empowered women have a disdain for carrying such traits as Lana had previously shown? Who's to say she wasn't a strong independent woman to begin with?
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