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  1. New dress tonight and a special request song is what i’m hoping for but chances are on the FLOOR
  2. I think i heard ONE person scream it after stand by your man quite embarrassing hun
  3. He found the spot its working now. STAND BY YOURRRR MANNNNN
  4. Rob trying his best to find a spot with good signal 😭 bless him
  5. A&W and Y&B between the nfr, arcadia, bartender snooze fest is such a crime
  6. She said “ I’ll make you a little video to make up for the fact that we are so fucking stupid for not playing you your favorite song” after FK but yeah we are never getting it 😭
  7. Y’all have one job and that’s to chant for FLORIDA KILOS. Don’t fuck it up
  8. When she re-wears the shein dress with cowbow boots and announces DNC tuesday
  9. Did not keep up w this show but yeah don’t like that dress her first miss i fear
  10. Help why are they square dancing to blue jeans…iconic
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