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  1. Excited for the covers album but this is just way too simple for me to play it over the original
  2. Um why is everyone hating on this its actually not bad. Would be excellent if it was only Lana tho 🤭
  3. Extremely confident shes going to win a few of these. I mean look at the material, with a groundbreaking song like A&W, the storytelling in Kintsugi, the lyricism in the title track and Fingertips… win win win
  4. Anyone who has a problem with her doing this is weird. Keeping hostages is in no way helping the liberation of Palestine.
  5. Listening to it with headphones on a cold rainy Saturday night and yeah i love it they both sound gorgeous
  6. Exactly ( still not convinced these aren’t Ai) cause i’m not used to seeing lana all glammed up for a regular day event anymore it’s taking me all the way back to 2013
  7. I really thought it was an AI pic when i saw it on twitter 😭 she looks gorgeous
  8. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8rd6Qwx/ the dress is actually so pretty up close idc what anyone says i love the little victorian era shes having
  9. Okay so the Norman tour had her best last show ever (despite it being her worst tour) it’s time to get the delulu train going 1. Shes announcing her Covers Album 2. Shes going to sing her John Denver Cover 3. She saved her best Zimmermann dress for last but most likely is going to wear the white Chicago Dress or The Black lace dress 4. She brings out a guest (not happening) 5. She performs Lost at Sea with Rob
  10. Enco

    Instagram Updates

    I do think it’s him with a grown out white beard. Which would make sense because her Mexico Looks were so Johnnyblueyes coded
  11. Enco

    Instagram Updates

    Is that johnny blue eyes on the third slide omg
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