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  1. watching this guy drag Spotify while I have a premium subscription
  2. Last time Lana attended an apple event she sang Venice bitch….TOUGH COMING
  3. Can someone tell me what I am watching? It’s giving Apple event idk
  4. You can tell etienne did her makeup for this show it’s so good and the beehive is prime and proper
  5. It does to be honest if you put their smiles side by side it’s uncanny
  6. That’s definitely not patty 😂 - me when I lie cause it does kinda look like her
  7. Enco

    Instagram Updates

  8. Enco

    Instagram Updates

    The songs so cute actually and the dress WOW
  9. Enco

    Instagram Updates

    Putting into existence that Lana and Zach do I Remember Everything TOGETHER Who
  10. Not too much on lanita y’all. Sometimes these threads read as Lana hater pages and not Lana fans…
  11. I agree on this, it looked like a fun show. They got fishtails (somewhat) and peppers what more could you ask for…
  12. She posted the flyer for hangout fest yesterday, Here is the photo, you can clearly see the difference in their work 😭
  13. Just saw the first HQ photo and yeah Etienne needs to do her makeup all of the time.. Pammy is not giving
  14. At Coachella she sang the chorus and the ending but she didn’t do that yesterday she was just swinging on the balcony x
  15. Actually I don’t think she sang it at all this time, I just heard backtrack from robs live 💀
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