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  1. Why did the gigwise review make me emotional 💀 like they really do get her and her art
  2. We won I was close but: 1. Candy Necklace/ Fishtail ( just perfection) 3. Peppers 4. Taco Truck x VB 5. A&W 6. Let the light in 7. Grandfather 8. Fingertips 9. DYKTATUOB 10. The Grants 11.Margaret 12. Kintsugi 13. Sweet 14. Paris, Texas 15. Jon Batiste Interlude 16. Judah Smith Interlude 10/10 album
  3. My first lanaboards scandal just shows how legendary this album is…has me arguing in the trenches
  4. I’m literally always positive on here and friendly to everyone. Notice how hostile/dramatic their replies are and i’m just chilling please 💀💀 No longer replying to you psychos
  5. Don’t see how this has to do anything with me. How about you worry about the people calling her work trash because they are stuck in 2012 😭😭😭😭 Now that is toxicity
  6. I have never insulted anyone personally besides this person so idk maybe get your facts straight babe
  7. If you don’t like her music then maybe stop listening to it. It’s that simple 😂
  8. You are like brain dead that’s all i have to say mod note: user was warned for this post
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