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  1. Groupie Lover

    Melanie Martinez

    no good music since k-12
  2. this was literally an experience, I hope this gets released like a Let Me Love You Like A Woman Pt. 2
  3. been a long time since I came in here, here's a question for everyone hehe, do y'all want the next album to include a dolby atmos version? (and also the rest of her discography) I just know that I need to hear the hidden synths in national anthem omg...
  4. I am going to help you by saying this, get the red vinyl from FNAC France, it's miles better and worth it! I am from Peru and I just ordered mine
  5. not me being from Peru and ordering the vinyl from FNAC France... I just keep winning
  6. yes and its probably her softest / most feminine bridge imo. only way I could describe it is like a soft psychedelia / ascending to heaven / dreamy
  7. she looks very similar to chuck, her noses are very similar, cheeks, her overall facial structure is very similar im scared me im not joking, if this is in fact her younger "unknown" sister I think a reason why we never knew about her was because maybe Joanna asked lana to keep her out of the public eye? idk im fantasizing here
  8. literally this this this... this is so late but its because I don't come here very often like I used to but I never said shit about lana, people who follow me on there know that I've defended her every single day since she took out her typewriter LOL. tbh none of the screenshots were going to be released but because I was receiving an unnerving and unnecessary amount of hate and death threats from twitter users and people from THIS forum I decided to release them with max because weadorelana literally washed her hands and dipped without taking any responsibility, and who became the target? me me me... for a whole ass week I couldn't say or do anything because I received approximately 500 messages that were not nice at all. anyways that's a little vent you can ignore it if u wanna x damn that's a lot of info....
  9. chemtrails over the country club, maybe a juxtaposition between a relaxing stripped down life in the country side and chemical wars? yes I know it could be a reach but considering how "political" she's getting since LFL and the fact that NFR was a subtle political commentary...
  10. if you have 1 bad cop and 1000 good cops and when the bad cop does something terrible like murder someone and the other 1000 good cops don't speak out or hold that 1 bad cop accountable then you have 1001 bad cops now. via twitter or something
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