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  1. I cannot believe there was no more early entry I got seats instead lmao
  2. ok great I feel sick Weirdly before the presale the seetickets one had a higher tier for standing, which disappeared about half an hour before, but then reappeared when they went on sale? So I'm hoping that happens again? Where did you hear that all the EE have been released at once? EDIT: just saw you said eventim
  3. I thought the o2 presale would include early entry and it didn't So I only managed to get Birmingham tickets. Does anyone know if there will be another presale on any sites tomorrow morning + will there be more early entry for London in that or general sale on Friday? Buying concert tickets is the highest level of stress I s2g
  4. honestly even if she just put out a studio version of Cinnamon so I could stop listening to the fanmade one on youtube
  5. If anyone's interested I made a thread on Twitter with all of my photos because they came out really nice! https://twitter.com/MarryTheSequins/status/992744279322787840
  6. I've not seen Lana since the Paradise tour in the UK, I'm going to Madrid next year I'm so excited She said on live this morning she was planning on songs she hasn't performed yet form LFL and some unreleased songs, I know she's already done it but I'm hoping for Serial Killer
  7. For some reason I feel like the XO in the actual trailer implies more involvement with Abel than just one song. I'm so excited either way
  8. It really reminds me of I Don't Wanna Go? Perhaps more in the verses. Regardless, I really like this song and those instagram videos were everything
  9. Has anyone ordered Kali's sunglasses? They're so pretty but for $30 + the shipping and probably customs charges I can't justify it
  10. crying myself to sleep i'm devastated
  11. ok I was under the impression most people had the song by now (fairly big snippet leaked, you seeming very confident that 'Omma' was nothing to do with the title, that screencap of someone wanting to send the song but Kali clealy not wanting it officially leaked) so that's why I posted here otherwise I wouldn't have said anything. I thought someone here had it and sent it to you guys privately or something like that. It was an assumption and I was clearly wrong so, I'm sorry for that I'm not claiming to have hoards of unleaked content or anything - I don't have much at all. The lyric again I wouldn't have posted if I thought most people here didn't have the song. tbh lanaboards has some sick graphic artists, it's one of the few places with a fairly active discussion about Kali, someone posted a few covers so I wanted to post mine. Sorry for being desperate and lame about it I guess
  12. looks like Paradise is leaking then. I'm so obsessed with this song lol here's some cover art I made a while back Take anything but please don't take him from meeeeeeeeee
  13. We probably won't get to hear it then I'm just curious tbh. I think I generally prefer Drunken Babble + her stuff before/outside of Por Vida.
  14. last fm says its been listened to a bunch of times, somebody somewhere downloaded it
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