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  1. I know right? lol. Its been awhile since a lot of people heard this. Which is why i love digging these up. Because a lot were said back then
  2. I love this break down and agree with every word. Point Blue Banisters out as the support is a beautiful take. Because it is where she is currently at. Same with Arcadia being a point of destination. Sort of a get away. Cant wait to hear the album as a whole.
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She's already done more than enough honestly with the multiple singles, poetry book and Chemtrails. Anymore is just extra in my opinion. Really dont mind if the album is even released next year. & As you said there's also unreleased music. So we'll be fine. & I dont mind waiting. She'll have it whenever she's ready
  4. All of this. Which is why i don't blame her for not being as engaged anymore. And i would rather she doesn't because of the lack of respect she receives. Its really sad. If i'm completely honest, i wouldn't mind if she decided to go ghost for a little from social media. Especially as of late. Her mental health and wellbeing is important. So I don't mind waiting on an album
  5. I'm huge fan of the behind the scenes stuff as well. So this was so cool to hear. We rarely get to hear the side of the producer/writers sometimes.
  6. You're very welcome. Thought it would be cool to share this backstory from Justin
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