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  1. Holy shit this is an album thread lmao only on lanaboards
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpU6DbvAUy-/
  3. LFL is a GREAT album up until the point of the acoustic songs. It didn't even make sense since LFL was supposed to be like BTD you know like beat heavy and shit. Also, she should've brought Emile Haynie back to add some additional production and rework (samples, hip hop beats, etc.) to ALL the songs for LFL like he did for BTD. That way it would've sounded way more cohesive like BTD does. Same with Dan Heath and Larry Gold, regarding the iconic orchestral strings. A bunch of songs off LFL could've made it to radio but the way the singles and promotion was orchestrated was trash. Blame E* and B*n Groupie Love is an underrated masterpiece.
  4. i want a photo of lana gagging azaelia WITH HER OWN SOAP
  5. machine gun kelly looks like that one crackhead mom who buys her kids walmart brand cheetos
  6. In the audio recording leaked for the pitchfork interview she acknowledges her gay fans
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