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  1. They said you came to us, insinuating that she started harassing them , but that she tipped them off.
  2. Hoping she films this and releases a concert movie interspersed with its footage and interviews.
  3. Considering selling 2x tickets for this if anyone’s interested? Friend I was going with has had to cancel.
  4. I just listened to American Jesus, I counted like 30 references to BTD/PE songs. Instead of making some shitty post about being copied and imitated, Lana recognised her impact, saw a bit of herself in that girl, and bought her out on stage. She showed us a kind, humble woman. The way BTD is still impacting all these artists after all these years and it was so heavily panned at the time is so inspiring. The way BTD’s working title was “The Revenge of LDR” feels so apt as an OG in this heyday we’ve found ourselves in. Life imitates art indeed.I think this truly might be the peak for us. The last couple of years have been crazy, and through it all she’s still helping the others up. She’s a one of a kind. And I’m glad she seems to be enjoying her revenge.
  5. Can someone please post any clips of her talking to the crowd
  6. Can they live stream this would pay to see whatever’s gonna make this special
  7. This woman will never cease to amaze me. From the biggest stage to the smallest in the space of a week. Also can we stop comparing her appearance to a decade ago, it’s weird.
  8. can you pm it to me please? is it week 2?
  9. can someone please make this into a live album?
  10. Same but I am fully expecting LTLI, it was on the setlist crossed through.
  11. I want her to wear the same but in baby pink. She should change the last song to groupie love with A$AP, and ride out as he performs riding.
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