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  1. Not Margaret making me cry... especially after having experienced exactly that HELP
  2. Omg? Pretty amazing how much your opinions on songs can change when they're in HQ Mind blown
  3. Finally no more spoiler tags I'm obsessed with iiittttttt CANDY NECKLACES
  4. JSFHJKFKJSFN local hottie Max's infamous thumb back at it again I stopped by at a small record store today but they didn't have it, will have to hit up Sunrise later - I'm really glad surprised they managed to mess up yet again Your personality reminds me of my own and ily Exactly. I'm not sure why length is even a criticism, like who cares. I also think they just quickly said whatever because of time rush to get the review posted.
  5. Nah I really do enjoy the intense contrast of opposite takes and they crack me up, it's not dat deep https://archive.is/O0M2B Here you are
  6. Lmfaoooo. I personally adore the duality of people reacting very differently to the same things in life, especially music. I love it! Sort of like when her wispy voice in White Dress blew me away, and then I saw a comment about someone talking about how the wispiness traumatized them 🤣. Really looking forward to even the reception reaction of Ocean Blvd and hopefully less fighting over differing opinions. Let people have their fun!
  7. Not me trying to save some Lana fan art for fun and
  8. A few weeks ago or so, but yeah her sold out stuff is constantly up for resale and only at the smol price of your left leg and arm
  9. Lmaooo and right before LB crashed too JRHGJKSR. This was so fated
  10. Omg @me finding out about this just in time on my break I really appreciate the pop-up announcement on the site!!
  11. Omg @me finding out about this just in time on my break I really appreciate the pop-up announcement on the site!!
  12. Venice

    Miley Cyrus

    I liked Flowers but personally didn't find the rest of the album as sonically interesting, even though her vocals are pretty and the lyrics are strong. I also love the changing melodies in a lot of the songs! Essentially, I'm just not drawn to the overall sound and I can't help that, but overall a strong album and I like the high quality of even the lyric videos! This all sent me down a fun rabbit hole of old song memories too!
  13. Lana not winning a grammy for critically acclaimed Norman theFucking™ Rockwell says all you need to know about them scammies
  14. I've been sleeping so so poorly too, running on pure deluu energy Ocean Blvd 2nite
  15. No. Would you date someone who has a completely different taste in music from you, one that you can't stand?
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