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  1. I can't believe yall did this to Salvatore
  2. you don't understand why so many people are offended because you don't live here
  3. Art Deco 40 Salvatore 88 The Blackest Day 42
  4. art deco 54 salvatore 89 the blackest day 28
  5. art deco 31 salvatore 80 the blackest day 60
  6. honeymoon 13 art deco 14 religion 14 salvatore 66 the blackest day 64
  7. Are both Hit & Run v1 (3:06) and v2 (2:57) produced by Tommy Tysper? or is that just v2 that is produced by him?
  8. do we have a list of leaked songs, their different versions, and their actual quality? I'm struggling w cleaning up my library
  9. honeymoon is my favorite album by her. it has such beautiful gems so I don't understand all of the hate it gets my favorites are terrence loves you, freak, art deco, religion, salvatore, and the blackest day
  10. I thought people were saying that the album art for the single leaked. was it just that screencap of the video or other things?
  11. I can't believe this at least we are getting new songs
  12. Honeymoon is better than Ultraviolence
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