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  1. I left to go see a film after waiting almost 2 hours I failed
  2. iichliwp was aoty 2021, genuinely halsey's magnum opus. nin production for sky would literally tear me in two.
  3. gogo yubari

    Charli XCX

    listening to valentine and og don't delete the kisses back to back... romance isn't dead
  4. i've been so out of the loop for the past year about sky and chloe so going down this rabbit hole took me tf out
  5. i'm not strong enough for this anymore
  6. gogo yubari

    Charli XCX

    bruh, rare after all this time? thank the lorde
  7. the only song that should've been scrapped is 24 from honeymoon because it should have been the bond theme for spectre. that's it
  8. lock the thread. i'm running out of clown makeup
  9. i'm boo boo the fool every time i come to this thread
  10. gogo yubari

    Charli XCX

    got no clue if anyone mentioned this before (and i'm too lazy to look through the past pages) but a.g. cook produced the new utada single for evangelion 3.0+1.0 and it's absolutely gorgeous. i would kill to hear charli sing on something so lush and fleeting
  11. gogo yubari

    Charli XCX

    mess at all the charli d'amelio stans deliberately hijacking #hereforcharli. i'm legit pissed
  12. gogo yubari


    i remember when i first heard bitch, i'm madonna. the mv had just hit youtube and everyone was shit-talking how bad it was, so naturally i checked it out to see if it was that bad. but i found myself enamoured with its duality - it was using traditional transgressive sounds and genuinely making something fresh and progressive from it. it grew on me with every listen. then, when vroom vroom hit, i couldn't stop listening. trophy just hit different. then xcx world leaked, and those songs changed my life. then faceshopping, ponyboy and immaterial. her work with let's eat grandma in particular was something that kept me sane and made me feel grounded during an incredibly difficult time. i just can't accept that she's gone. she was at the height of her powers.
  13. gogo yubari


    what the actual fuck, man. rest in power legend. we're gonna miss you forever.
  14. gogo yubari

    Charli XCX

    instant classic. goes so well with the don't delete the kisses remix.
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