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  1. Moooooooo

    Rico Nasty

    so glad to see people with taste
  2. can't wait till azalea makes this shit even worse LMAO
  3. Moooooooo


    I love Faceshopping & Burn Rubber, I think I first found out about her when my friend sent me that one song of hers that samples a fart. Lmao.
  4. MMh moreso the music industry in general, but come on just take a deeper look into some of the tones of her lyrics. "It's you, it's you, it's all for you, everything I do" "I'm not afraid to say I'd die without him, Who else is gonna put up with me this way?" "I'll never leave you" I could go on forever. "He hit me and it felt like a kiss" it's normalizing this kinda thinking to people who already tend to think that way. I dunno if I articulated that right, but I know I'm right.
  5. Her lyrics and message of her songs are heavily romanticizing abusive, addictive, and codependent relationships. I know a lot of girls growing up hearing that and having it kind of, mold their perspective into their early twenties is supppper harmful. Do I still find it romantic? YEAH, LOL. But it's fucked up.
  6. Velvet Crowbar FORSUREE. Hated that fucking song skipped it everytime. Then today I heard it, almost made me cry.
  7. People listen to her? LHDVFOIRGLDJK
  8. Moooooooo

    I'm mostly inspired by chibi anime art, 2000's aesthetic, hetamoe, amongst other things .~ instagram - mouyani
  9. Am I the only one who loves Pocket Camp lmao
  10. I'm still stuck in Breath of the Wild. I'm at the part where you gotta hide from the thieves. I always need mental breaks from those kind of games
  11. Moooooooo

    me art

    Absolutely adore.
  12. this made me laugh out loud
  13. I think it may be because it was the song that launched her to be a bit more mainstream. Some people hate when that happens.
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