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  1. we need something to spice up this thread already lana do something pretty pls
  2. help how do they even happen without users getting banned afterwards??
  3. I've never experienced a scat attack in all my time on LB... last time one happened i was asleep and didn't see anything, my serve
  4. i seriously doubt the album is actually delayed, it already has preorder and sold out vinyls for the 19th of march, delaying it would make no sense
  5. I'm claiming DBJAG I just know it's gonna be a career highlight from the title alone !!!
  6. How is there so much drama in the space of an hour GOODBYE Also I had a dream that TJF came out and it had a beautiful chorus with organs
  7. nooo im so slow GOODBYE... the wait for cocc is melting my brain
  8. it shows up for me, in the uk i don't know whether to expect it or not
  9. that sounds amazing, ethereal!! i wish they did that where i live
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