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  1. I like chemtrails. It has a camp fire, folky feel to it quite different to NFR’s California beach trips feel. With BB I get the impression that it is a sort of autumnal, letting go, dealing with loss and starting over sort of album (from what we know of the songs that’ll be on there and the album cover) which reminds me of songs such as fine china or pawn shop blues. Looking forward to seeing the track list, hearing it and seeing some sort of visuals (whether it’s the pictures from the cd booklet or some sort of mv!!)
  2. I hope the booklet has a full Neil Krug photo shoot ugh I’m so excited
  3. I was so much happier when I was gonna be ur wife they had a deal and I fucked it up when I made the decision to become someone
  4. I hope living legend made it onto the final track list, that song is so beautiful also can someone ask boz which songs actually did make it?? I’m so curious now
  5. if it is real we won I prefer Arcadia to blue banisters as a title tbh!! Also where did BOZ say that??
  6. yh I doubt it’s real but I do like the title itself !
  7. idk who this is originally from but it’s going around now
  8. now why are ppl on Twitter saying the album is now called Arcadia and is releasing on November 2nd pls
  9. sorry for being a pain but what has BOZ said in the past 5 days i have not been around
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