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  1. What the fuuuuuuuuck, you picked everything thats fire. Minus In My Feelings and Blue Velvet (which is good but too slow for everyday listening)
  2. They're sOoooo cute tg, but he seems so not her vibe. Which is maybe a good thing?! Like he seems happy and stuff. Bless him whats wrong with this? How is it odd that a famous rich person likes to travel lol
  3. Marinas music really, really, especially sucks in my opinion. Like pure trash and horror to my ears, and makes you depressed and just blegh
  4. Using history/visuals/cinema/art/poetry she is inspired by does not contradict that she is writing the autobiography of her life in her songs. If she herself states this repeatedly, who are you to argue otherwise? You can’t make up her life for her to fit your boring standards. ‘She cites a sparse, Cat Power-ish tune called “Disco” and “Trash Magic”. “I felt I was really capturing my life in song form, and it was such a pleasure.”’ Disco is about being a stripper.
  5. How is any of that a pedestal? It’s her actual life 😂😂😂😂😂😂I don’t use social media and hate that word Stan, for anybody. Go ahead and name one thing I stated that was incorrect. You can’t so stop saying her music is metaphors.
  6. Played role fantasies?? You mean when she actually WAS a beautiful unhappy hollywood starlet with mental issues, DID live in a trailer park, was likely a stripper, and dated ultra rich men like record executives and francesco corrizini? Peoole who can’t take her life as it is and make up metaphors she hasn’t explained herself are trying to explain away their own boring lives/selves bc they find hers too fanatical and adventurous.
  7. So LDR mentions blue hydrangeas a lot, like in Old Money and Axl Rose Husband. I looked up their symbolism: Hydrangeas in the color Blue – Connected to frigidity, turning down a romantic proposal, asking for forgiveness, and expressing regret.
  8. Yes, you act like it’s not likely these things happened. She said Barrie james actually did tell her American girls act like their pussies taste like cola and that’s where the lyric came from. And it’s hard to believe she dated drug dealers with guns?? LOL guessing you have/had a boring middle class life experience if that’s shocking to you. And she likely was a stripper, considering how many times she mentions it in earlier songs and even was a stripper in her music video for Gods and Monsters. “motel singer or the silver pole, I did what I had to do” she really was a motel/bar singer at one point so why not a stripper? And she could have fucked a teacher, or at least flirted/wanted to. I wanted to w a professor. You can’t just reject things as elaborate story telling bc they seem crazy to you personally. To some of us, it’s really not
  9. How many poems exactly are in the book?
  10. I just don’t know if it’s her grandmother, doesn’t make sense to me. The other 3 women she’s never met and were famous, not contesting they weren’t special to her. They all died in their 30s and then Lana mentions she’s 34. Her grandmother died at 71. I just don’t see the connection.
  11. Interesting, but why are all the other women famous and she randomly mentions her great grandmother?
  12. Lol have to disagree since she states “All of my kind women who came before me, blonde” but another clue is this person is blonde!
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