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  1. so actually White Dress was postponed to become a single from Justin's upcoming album. Now it's "Justin Bieber - White Dress (feat. LDR)"
  2. the delulu decease is spreading faster than covid, besties. wear your masks
  3. Listing in Apple Music playlist is also not a proof of the song being actually released the next day. Once again, already seen that with Halsey's YSBS. Song was listed in some Friday/New Music playlists on 8th of November 2019. But as it was decided to be postponed (however streaming services uploaded it because of the last-minute label decision), then it got deleted from all of these lists for the January 2020 premiere. Keep that in mind. Lana's silence is a huge argument for me. Nothing would happen tomorrow either, sorry gays & gurls maybe march 12th or smth
  4. that's a boar and he is coming to take our souls to boar hell because WD is cancelled
  5. I don't feel it coming, sorry though I love getting drunk with delulu juice with all of you here, but this time it has no effect on me
  6. just reminding you that it can be in the fnd.io database as a 26th release, but also wouldn't be actually released on that date. I've seen similar **** with H*lsey's YSBS, that time it said that it was released '2 hours ago' or smth, but the song was pushed back and it never dropped that day. so there's can be identical case with WD sorry for that ATRL post copy it's actually not
  7. do I really need to tell ya how bad I want this to be real and not a mockup?
  8. wtf is going on I thought that something interesting have happened. not a boar gif spam-attack
  9. who tf is that Darla girl? cassette girl reincarnation? i'd better believe the tarot gurl shitposting, huh. at least she got the aesthetics
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