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  1. it's a commentary on being a woman in Hollywood... everyone watching you, being under the eye of the camera, being constantly observed from all angles and all the different versions of yourself you put on for the public lana talking in the background of the clips represents her taking charge of her life, finally being of charge of her art and direction and how the media around her is published
  2. I tried to but Up Next Designer posts clothes mostly on their stories, in all likelihood he posted a story during one of his designer roundups and her team saw it, and it's not visible anymore
  3. the new boy genius song "Leonard Cohen" just proves that no one can do it like Lana [Verse 2: Dacus] Leonard Cohen once said "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" And I am not an old man having an existential crisis At a Buddhist monastery writing horny poetry But I agree
  4. no idea, the account posts roundups of designers and pieces on their stories so i think whatever look it is already expired i wish but i doubt cuz she’s so lazy also the met gala theme is karl lagerfeld this year
  5. just found out its Etienne Ortega which makes sense bc he did her glam for the billboard shoot
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