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  1. I love the song and feel like it suits Euphoria perfectly can’t wait to hear it used in the episode
  2. I don’t have a definitive list but here is some albums and songs that are my favourite from this year: Albums: Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Carnage Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure? (Deluxe Edition) Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend Steven Wilson - The Future Bites Evergrey - Escape the Phoenix Songs: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - White Elephant Cellar Darling - Dance Nao ft. Lianne La Havas - Woman Greentea Peng - Be Careful Zella Day - Dance for Love Priya Ragu - Lockdown Steven Wilson - Personal Shopper (Biffy Clyro Remix) Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under Lorde - Mood Ring
  3. I used to be really into H.E.R when she released her first EPs. Then I never listened to her after those releases. I saw her when she was supporting Childish Gambino a couple of years ago and she sang beautifully live but had no stage presence.
  4. My white vinyl has got dispatched today after the uk store said it’ll be delayed until mid November!
  5. Most uk record stores received the red vinyl on Wednesday (hmv also shipped Wednesday) so I think rough trade will have the record by now.
  6. My yellow vinyl arrived today! I thought I’d have to wait for the white vinyl to come into stock as it was part of the bundle but here it is https://www.instagram.com/p/CVfoDrzs6P6/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. Crash Records posted that they got it in store today. They are an indie recordstore in Leeds but also have a online store. Pretty sure hmv will still have it in stock for preorder for Friday
  8. I know vinyltap had it in store as they posted a copy of it on Friday in their store.
  9. I know it quite a sad song but I really can see Beautiful being a first dance song. I’ve been thinking this since my second listen of the song and can’t get the idea out of my head.
  10. Waiting for the email of the delay of the yellow vinyl now
  11. HMV have changed to release date to the 29th and my bundle of the two exclusive vinyls and signed art card haven’t shipped so guess I’ll having nothing on release day 😕 guess my first listen will have to be on the bus ride home from work
  12. I feel like if she ever comes back her posts will be run by management and only be related to announcements etc (so many musicans accounts are like this)
  13. Vinyl Tap are a store I visit whenever I am in Huddersfield (where they are located) and are 100% trustworthy. They are a great store.
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