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  1. I feel like if she ever comes back her posts will be run by management and only be related to announcements etc (so many musicans accounts are like this)
  2. Vinyl Tap are a store I visit whenever I am in Huddersfield (where they are located) and are 100% trustworthy. They are a great store.
  3. what if we get a picture disc of the smiling dog cover?
  4. Can't you just sign up using a different email address?
  5. Clara Amfo took over Annie Mac's show and the show restarted this week
  6. Yessss I love the version of Gloria with Lana as well
  7. If we get the preorder with the single on wednesday I'm assuming it'll be an late afternoon (UK time) release that tends to be the time US artists release the preorders also I finish work at 5pm so that would be a perfect time for the preorders for me
  8. I would love to see my bootleg and an official release of AKA side by side
  9. Is there still no uk shipping?
  10. Why is it on some random youtube channel though?
  11. Dude its out in two days chill
  12. Can I manifest a fully formed version of Hanging Around
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