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  1. I hate post release when everyone starts fighting over which songs are good or not
  2. It's a beautifully done song and I enjoy the lyrics on it...as always, beautiful melodies and her melodies is what gets stuck in my head and take me back to some of my least favorite songs of hers.
  3. Some fans have crazy expectations for Lana's music....if you don't like it, that's ok, if it's not better than this song or that song that's ok too...let the woman live and create without putting such pressures on her and setting yourselves up for disappointment
  4. We all still love Born To Die. I think we all just accept it’s not her best work, especially with all the better albums she’s released after it….
  5. What do we think is the big surprise? I think it could finally be a documentary. Could be why she had cameras and stuff in her car that day and why she was a little shook about everything when she posted that video addressing it.
  6. But she's released 2 solo singles and a bunch of soundtrack songs. If Capitol was truly guarding her from releasing anything, I doubt they would approve those. Plus, she said of Descending, "I wish someone would let me properly release it", which leaves the room open for interpretation...it sounds like Capitol would let her officially release it, but perhaps the rollout and promotional efforts made or lack of wouldn't feel "proper" to her. If this is really all about budgets and promotions I think it's very petty. Look what Lana has done, albeit with a seemingly supportive label, but little to no real standard promotion. I could see how problems could arrive even if she went this route, maybe with vinyl pressings and sales? Still, she has a somewhat loyal 'fanbase' (using that term loosely cause lbr...) that could've kept her somewhat afloat had she kept on the beaten path. Honestly though, I really feel like it's more than not wanting to greenlight projects/promotion/budget. There has to be another element to it that we're not knowledgeable of. Maybe them wanting to control the output. Who knows. I'm still, naively, rooting for her to make some progress in the next few years. Random, but her covering "Easy" felt very telling of how she feels in her current situation. In fact, a lot of the stuff she's done recently have this vibe, like Guardian, of feeling trapped, like Cross You Out. Whether that's internal or there's a lot of power and control dynamics happening BTS, I feel for her. She's clearly an artist, I mean, she's still been creative and shows some drive artistically, so I can't get behind the "lazy" narrative. Stubborn, perhaps...
  7. We need AKA (Del Rey's Version) ASAP. It's long overdue for her to rework that one and put it on streaming plats. This will never happen but I'm just dreaming. Hopefully BoZ is alluding to music videos...isn't Grandfather supposed to be released soon?
  8. Obsessed is a very low tier bop. At that time there were better dance pop out there. I really think One could have been a cute hit for her at the time, they should have pushed that one more, I feel like it would have done well on radio.
  9. Nothing new? Oh wow….hopefully we’ll get some progress in the 2030s
  10. I won't be listening to any leaks. More power to the ones that have. No judgment. Can't blame a fan for wanting to consume the music! So long as you actually purchase the album. Anyway, I'm so elated for Lana right now, it's a great feeling as a fan to see how celebrated she is right now. To have industry respect, to be surrounded by a bunch of female songwriters, who look up to her, respect her work, and have been inspired to dream by her. She deserves so much more. I know she had some pushback with the word "visionary", and even though at the beginning of her career, she 100% was, deliberately or not, she can also be called a revolutionist. She absolutely is responsible for revitalizing pop music with Born To Die, and even her later albums. The fire, passion and heart she puts into all of her work is finally being acknowledged and praised like it has always deserved it to be. She really has put her blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into her music and I'm so happy for her for the moment she is having with this era. Having her authenticity finally validated is so pleasing to me as a stan since 2012. Only someone totally genuine could have done Video Games, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and so on. She's completely herself, she's unique, she's mystifying, she's enigmatic, she's thought provoking, she's warm, she's love, she is everything. Her talent and work ethic has spoken for itself. She's still the best to do it right now and is showing no signs of slowing down. I don't think anything could make her if she tried. She is such a creative, talented and beautiful individual. Her music alone, disregarding her as a person, is monumental. Without her, I really don't know who I would be right now, or what kind of music I would even listen to. She is my favorite artist of all time and I will always be a listener and a fan no matter what. She has touched me so deeply as I know she has to all of you and for that we owe her a debt we could never repay. I feel so lucky and blessed to be alive in this time to be able to consume her creations because they are wonderful and have provided me with so much solace, comfort, and understanding. Her music truly makes me happy and inspires me in so many ways. She is a legend and will go down as one of the greatest artists of all time. To think it's been 11 years, and she's about to release her 10th album is so wild. The consistency, the dedication, to artistry....her legacy will never ever die. Lana Del Fucking Rey
  11. HDU I don't support this especially since the latest ROBBERY and VANDALISM of her property. Poor Lana, y'all just won't let her have nothing! But I don't blame the fans for listening. These leakers need to go to hell though. She has soooo much material for y'all to be leaking smth that's a few weeks away....at this point it has to be in her inner circle, im done with these faceless sus insiders...
  12. Whoever is leaking stuff is not seeing the pearly gates. Seriously shame on them! I'm soooo disgusted. This is why Lana's DGAF anymore
  13. I’ll take it! She could totally do Guardian and Descending justice.
  14. Years from now, when Lana has 30 albums, and we look back, COCC & BB will be regarded as her "worst", more so BB, with COCC having a cult following, similar to HM, but not as strong. They will be looked at as her two most divisive albums ever. Still, Lana's worst is better than some girls best. She's incapable of making truly "bad" music. A songstress supreme
  15. Fucking leaks of the album? I hate you f words for real. Why not just leak Dark City or something old the fans want in the meantime. SMH
  16. When she sang “do you really think I give a damn what I do after years of just hearing them talking”, I instantly thought of her time with Jack D and that county jail pic queen!
  17. Please, no leaks this early. Just do the week-early leak for the impatient hoes and let the rest of us preserve our excitement. Also, I don't see her releasing another single either, especially since A&W is basically two songs in one. But I surely hope we get another single + MV on release date.
  18. BBS is a masterpiece. That second verse is very much so a transcending experience.
  19. The editors on Apple Music need to be fired. It’s bad enough some of the lyrics are inaccurate, but the song writing credits listed as “Lana Del Ray” deserves jail time. I’m sick of this! How do we boycott?
  20. BBS, Wildfire, Sweet Carolina, Old Money, BB are definitely not boring. Even if there's just one liners about her parents or siblings, she has still sung about them, even on unreleased songs. She's always been close with her siblings, and she has a niece (or nephew? idk lol) now so I don't think her singing about her family more is far fetched. She just gave us a supreme bop with A&W....so I think the record is going to have a good range of subject matter
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