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  1. I read this and Jennette's biography back to back this Summer. Jennette's was incredible. This was very underwhelming. She talks about some of her life experiences but it's all very concealed, I felt she didn't elaborate much. I think she could've spent another year or so writing this & it could've been better.
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    Omg it's beautiful. I just wish she'd stock it on European sites. bc UO shipping is just insane
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    There was a splatter variant?? Really? I remember in her first interviews she was really inspired by Clouds and wanted to continue to make dance music
  4. 100% agree! I don't like the song at all. It just feels like a concept demo / early version of TMLAS. I would've rather had YTTC if possible, or even just FSN on the tracklist.
  5. New show announced with Snow Strippers at The Roxy in LA on December 01st.
  6. 1. Brrr 2. Uhoh (feat. Jozzy) 3. Alone 4. Moment 5. Ur Time (To Cry) [with Joel Corry] 6. Feed The Beast 7. Bait (with Banks) 8. King of Hearts (feat. Lu Kala) 9. Claws 10. Revelations 11. A Thousand Pieces 12. Try It Again 13. If Jesus Was a Rockstar This leaked in February, a month before Kim had even premiered songs like Claws, Try Again etc. on Instagram live. So it was mostly correct, it even had the release date as June 30th. The only one we didn't get is 'Moment', but I wouldn't be surprised if that was just 'Minute' translated incorrectly.
  7. Updates: from live stream today Mixtape is still coming. Mid-September is around the 20th for her. Her social media accounts will be up this week.
  8. No. All that we've heard so far is from the live on Sept 01st, where she said it'll be out in mid September. Nothing since then. I'm not surprised that she's not doing singles though. She doesn't really care about promotion or rollouts, she just wants to put out music whenever she pleases.
  9. Yeah honestly idk for sure. My source is Tropicalian from PHF. It makes sense why she randomly threw TMLAH on it though. To be fair, that draft tracklist ended up being completely true. I remember A Thousand Pieces, Minute & Try It Again all being titles on the tracklist (and this was before we even knew any of them existed). But take it with a grain of salt.
  10. apparently YTTC was given to Joel Corry, so she can't release it anyway. Idk about Keep It? Maybe it was never mixed?
  11. Yeah! It's an amazing shoot. But Problematique feels more camp & bright to me, rather than dark, gritty & sexual
  12. Other potential songs: Owww Keep It Runway Walk Dance To Forget Released on S*** Pop: TMLAS Throat Goat
  13. FINALLY. WE've been stuck in the past and present for over 2 years
  14. 7 minutes until le futur c'est maintenant!
  15. I keep checking every day for updates & NOTHING. Her spotify profile was updated on thursday, so i thought for sure we'd be getting it last friday :/ hopefully it's still coming this month. but slayyyter is dropping next week.
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