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  1. not saying this is good or anything but i hope she re-record don't forget and do it right this time at least with a little bit more emotion in her voice or depth in the mixing
  2. now that it's been said... after the 5th show or something she simply stopped singing the unreleased songs, she's only performing the ones officially released and voices carry+hands all over me... i think it's actually over
  3. lol she sounded absolutely fabulous singing ghost in yesterday's concert... we like her again
  4. not her saying "this one is pretty old, like all the songs i played tonight"
  5. the way she has absolutely NO SHAME in being like that
  6. Sky suddenly playing pretty dull after 10 years is kinda the confirmation that she lurks here on lb sometimes
  7. the entire ntmt except Kristine the entire ghost ep except red lips don't forget, guardian, pretty dull, downhill, voices carry and hands all over me
  9. nooo, it's a different picture. I think it's a regional thing, here in Brazil is a photo of Sky this one:
  10. "tears of *FIRE IN THE SKY*" was actually Sky trying to tell us that capitol is run by aliens and they've abducted her, that's why she always forget to do what she promised us she would
  11. i really don't think there's any way of this being a misunderstanding, i'm 100% sure they finally kicked her lazy ass and she's free but it's really funny how she simply disappeared like IT'S NOT HARD to just post a yes or no, even if you're in a nda there's multiple ways to answer that
  12. tbh I'm optimistic about this, sky is annoying asf I doubt she would give descending and guardian up
  13. I used to pray for times like this
  14. i think it is legit, there's some different lyrics and vocals here
  15. this demo version of don't forget sounds a lot cooler, I love that it's even noisier...
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