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  1. They should fight via dbree files, like, you're only allowed to say something if you have something relevant to leak
  2. Some of y'all wouldn't believe me, or even understand me, but everything that happening now is Anitta's fault, like, I can't even stretch much about it but it is
  3. Ethel is at Taco Bell now, she was fired because missed too many shifts, Chuu from Loona took the job
  4. PERIOD!!! It would be just her and marina working as cashiers on a Barnes and Noble
  5. Does Lana have a lanaboards account? If she do she's probably reading this rn Hey girl hiiii, what's your side on this beef?
  6. So close, that's a Nicki Minaj song
  7. Say hi to Carly Rae, long time without seeing her since she went there
  8. WAIT THIS SLAPS ACTUALLY OMG Really, it's so beautiful
  9. Listen to 99 tears!! So good
  10. The DVDs on her collection end up forming a labyrinth, and she was lowkey drunk that day
  11. Let's just restart the timeline
  12. If y'all have something real juicy to say, say it right now This lowkey sounding like that Madison Beer vbeefing on the streets video😭😭😭
  13. This thread is SOOOOOOO good, thank God Sky never released masochism, we wouldn't have this if she had
  14. Ntm on Doechii and Chris and The Queens they're awesome too, but your point is right Also, speaking of chris n the queens, a collab between Redcar and Sky would eat smmmm
  15. Exactly And we're not even asking for the album to leak, like just Pretty Dull and/or The Woods would feed me for months
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