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  1. Streets saying it will be like 9 different covers, and prob one of them is Lisa from BP and the one will be the c/SF/XCX cover
  2. Wait why Don't Forget is sounding a little bit different now?
  3. Let's be honest, Sky prob just wanted to do a Tamaryn covers album but she knew people would drag her so bad that she decided to keep with Masochism
  4. Do you guys think Sky have another surprise in her pockets, like something that she didn't even teased? Because Descending, Guardian, IPFR and All My Lovers Die are all so so so so good, I'm lowkey afraid that she doesn't have any other song as good as those 4. Like, Innocent Kind is good, but idk it just didn't hit the same as the others
  5. No, it was cancelled by the own event, but she had a set yesterday. Now she still have two shows left, on june 30th and july 1th
  6. The Guardian MV and that visual EP 😭😭😭 R.I.P. to them
  7. I love how consistent her style is One thing about Sky is that she'll always be with the top piece w skirt, long shirt w shorts or a mini dress + a big ass jacket twice her size + black boots And I'm obsessed with those looks😭
  8. I think she just deleted the video by accident when editing and don't want to tell us (again)
  9. I agree, and that's one of the things that really make me go ????? about Sky and this era, because she REALLY REALLY wants to make Masochism a regular era, she said lots of times that didn't want to simply release the album and she's also following the same rollout plan that she had since 2019, idk why that's a must for her
  10. Lowkey agree, grimes used to have a lot more commitment to her own music and art But Grimes is now doing that awful generic house music to straight people clubs, at least she still a very good visual artist too
  12. Just looked here, I Pray For Rain surfaced in August 20th 2020
  13. Ohhhhh I only remember the months lol I Pray For Rain v1 august 2020 Legends October 2020 All To Myself/Always Ready/Hurt/IPFR2 January 2021
  14. I Pray For Rain, Guardian, Legends, All To Myself, Always Ready to Lose You and Hurt By You They're not all Masochism tracks, but they're all from the Masochism sessions, post NTMT
  15. Capitol refused to talk to The Guardian and didn't replied to NME I just know they're scared
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