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  1. I feel like lana is trying to come for you all with her tweets, she knows
  2. Really like it at first listen. I saw this somewhere and was like for sure it's fake, but it's real! It's enough to make you go crazy. New era begins!
  3. I mean, I guess I can understand her perspective...but trying to feign feminism while including some sort of implication she should off herself?
  4. Oh evil, I feel like no one reads your posts...
  5. Can we have a seperate place for lyric discussions that aren't actually lyrics? It is kind of a clusterfuck in this forum lately.
  6. Jake

    Because of You

    ^^ I am pretty sure that is what it is. That also rhymes with "queen" and would make the most sense.
  7. Jake


    i mean, I'm not Lorde's biggest fan either but...
  8. Well, UV didn't leak, but if I ever need to shoplift I have like 3 really good techniques I learned today. So it wasn't a complete waste.
  9. We are talking about UV here I don't even think encouraging shoplifting is even 20% of the way in extremes I would do/suggest tbh
  10. Let's hope for some target employee Lana stans and/or target employees who like attention...that is our last chance
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