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  1. Seriously, you who check her awards ratings, should look to, from BTD, to NFR, all else included, as many her albums are, thus many, her colleagues rivals are, all else, hate groups fabricate,... Be sure, for most of our planet, universe, mankind, people, Madonna, J Lo, Britney, ..Lana, big 4 from USA, past 40ish years, in number of hits, catchy melodies, amazing voice songs, memorable performances. If Lana not seen, with all most major awards, topping, shake up the nasty company, at main centers of drag?!!!
  2. Her pink flick, happens, .. but nice tune. Her music always: real meaning, good point, proper direction, pleasant sound, fine impact.
  3. Uh, LFC, lamers 'r' us, club, she Lana-Grant-land, but hey, must at USA be 50ish battle - faith songs, European singers work off, to prevail? She under cover Everton FC, etc, ..not hideous logo Gaga-Lee-sides.
  4. Song is anthology, with this video. I'd say she generally warns about the dangers, for good girls, with her videos, it's her style, cults, predators, drugs...while songs are about love and fun, for everyone.
  5. Lana acts righteously both with fans, and stalkers if they happen, so this won't compromise the fact she's fan friendly. She's aware of those who are with animosity towards her, and produce stalkers, at this level of her popularity it's something expected, all cases were swiftly handled.
  6. "I'm addicted to a life that's so empty and so cold". Vs. "I'm a prisoner to my decisions Ooh, ooh, ooh".
  7. Honeymoon is in the rank of UV, if not better As for bestest songs, poll someone? High By The Beach has music video, so should not doubt quality of that. Art Deco, The Blackest Day, God Knows I Tried, Salvatore, are top class. I'm glad she covered Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  8. Lana is goddess like, and if she kisses or gets kissed by just anyone, no harm to her, and if just anyone kisses her or she them, no harm to that person. If she would get married, if in her marriage interest is not to kiss others, then she should stop. And if any crazy bitch gets angry that her man/woman kisses goddess it's their problem.
  9. Lana will win, her song's way better. Lorde's like creepozoid beggar in video from her song, and moves resemble as it was done 10 years ago by that highly acclaimed band Moloko, but she looks neurotic along the way. If GG judges fall for that lies, just to let aristocratic darling get a shiny object, again, music could lose it's meaning.
  10. What about this? Lana kissing her fans. At first, it was on cheeks, next lips. But then Lana hater club meetings started, or is this some divine online intervention: http://youtube.com/watch?v=i_gV0TMVgkk I have a dream...that she smooch me one day, or more, but her world wide interacting with fans development is being put to a halt.
  11. If she wins this big 3, that may open eyes of those who don't award her enough. Y&B had 8 noms, 0 wins, I wonder if she's valued in movie awards. Just reminder, 11 out of 46 in music awards, Lana deserves more, though I don't think she personally finds it that important. Anyhow, the song is very good!
  12. She let us know with daddying, she's daddy's girl, not that she needs elderly gents, I reason. I find that attractive in a woman, since am more of mommy's. That Lolita appeal, I doubt it's to make fans as so. Millions of her fans, aren't daddy seekers, but music public.
  13. I don't think autobiography would be a wise move, her career just lifted up few years ago. And mean people could use everything they got on her to make her functioning harder, her life wasn't long quite the church choir. When she gets to be old age, something like so would make historic reading material, by then she could even take power of the entire world, and make all bow down to her , her music is worthy of that, true or fictional. She's not married yet, as well, every woman rather would tell to her husband about affairs, not to the world. Though, for us freedom loving, every fact about her is precious, just that doesn't justify that we ask that she focuses on her past, rather than have a life. Maybe documentary about her creative life would come good, like insight in how she makes music. Or someone should write a book about her as abstract subject.
  14. Any magazine she's on the cover is worth buying, they may not write all nice about her, but it's Xmas gift from her to the fans. Piece of history we'll have, bestest singer ever on the cover, one day some may regret for not collecting her notable magazine appearances.
  15. Two years ago at some event here, Maxim, Serbian edition, was promoted, and it had 'motorboating' article, I'm getting urge to motorboat Lana now.
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