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  1. if a&w served as the opening track the expectations of the album would be of the charts and many people would be disappointed (me included) imo
  2. the pink one gets restocked in amazon germany and france from time to time. also the white one is still in stock in europe
  3. as much as I'd love that to be true, she's a cancer. there's no way she's anything other than a delusional sub btm bbg
  4. she decided to give that pastor 4.30 mins of spotlight. I'm actually glad the others don't have verses and they're mostly backing vocals
  5. I honestly believe that most critics view their job as a typical office job and aren't passionate about music, art etc. They're almost always extremely biased, get paid to give 5/5 reviews etc so there's nothing that makes their opinion valuable to me. If their pov aligns with mine, then great, if not, then fine and if they're mean to our bbg lanita, they can choke on a big fat cactus
  6. why do we care about the opinion of talentless people that couldn't make it as artists?
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