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  1. guys how do we check the stock using inspect element? I've tried some keywords but I still can't find it
  2. Does any of you guys know which vinyl variant sounds the best? I'm debating whether or not to get the picture disc as well, since many people say that it's the best sounding variant (weird).
  3. Guys my record store informed me that their provider hasn't received the green vinyl and if they actually get it, it will be after April 15th. Has anyone in europe (not uk) received their green vinyl? It's not available in hhv either
  4. If the jon batiste interlude isn't included on a 10min+ mv, I'm suing her whole team
  5. Everytime I listen to "daddy I miss them, I'm in the mountains" I get a pain in my chest
  6. I'm going to miss getting warnings from the mods. Lanita made me messy and thirsty af this era, bless her little whore heart
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