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  1. Cordon Gole


    i'm thinking about seeing slayyyter live soon but really haven't listened before... should i go in blind or prepare?
  2. Has anyone else been to the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio since it was renovated and reopened? It's incredible. Absolute poggers that I have that same shirt
  3. I was so hoping she would be one of the Roadhouse musicians in the return series
  4. Finally uploaded my photos to Flickr. I was pretty much dead center, 3 back from the barricade.
  5. I edited my photos and uploaded them to flickr. I'm really happy with a few of these.
  6. nope, stand by your man was the only cover
  7. will have to edit my photos more but this one just for the pose
  8. she said this tour, the band, dancers, and me [last part was implied] “made me love my job again”
  9. wifi and cellular are garbage in here… hopefully the backstage wifi will be better for Rob & co already one pass out in the pit
  10. no, i doubt i'll get there before 2p... i genuinely didn't realize how far this place is from me when tickets went on sale lmao -- why is there a 'charleston' and a 'charles town' in wv and how tf are they five hours apart?! i haven't felt this dumb in quite some time
  11. goodness... thank u so much for the update & hope everyone stays safe
  12. What time are you all getting there? Just to close my own thread, I called the box office again and confirmed: that the club add-on does not get you into the venue any earlier than the regular doors, and it's just line up whenever there's no wristband system FML I foolishly forgot to ask where to line up, but looking at G**gle Maps the main entry is on Clendenin St between Lee St & Civic Center Drive opposite a Panera Bread. There appear to be a bunch of garages around.
  13. As far as we know, yes. For the most part the outdoor concert season is over for shows by mid to late October so unless they're making an arena leg... which I suppose would be possible in major cities she didn't already hit but those would have to work around hockey and basketball dates and have to have been booked many months ago. This being an indoor show obviously contradicts everything I just said but the venue is relatively small (<10k) and doesn't have a sports tenant. It's also one of the few places she's playing that's not owned and/or run by the sickos at Live Nation.
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