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  1. when she brings Biden to stage and sings National Anthem
  2. her being late is the main problem.. so i hope she get it toghter
  3. black bathing suit would be so camp a jamis joplin moment
  4. Hope her team OPEN her stats on Spotify and do a setlist that public will love... I mean.. I love the grants, bartender,arcadia but west coast, say yes to heaven, cinnamon girl, radio would make crowd much more energetic
  5. i think she is saving Taylor for next week... Maybe they will sing Florida (witch is featuring Florence) + a lana song.. next week is Taylor album release
  6. Sorry, but where is Lana's billboard? I saw Ice Spice and Sabrina on Twitter, but nothing for Lana.. Will she have one?
  7. UNPOPULAR OPNION (?): But I prefer her with simple hair like this and no delays than a beauty queen style with 30 minutes delay
  8. She did the same thing with the Poland show... She always goes blond and regret
  9. Funfact: Taylor Swift have a really strong PR with american media...Every false rumor they always run to say its a lie... And they didnt say nothing about the coachella rumor yet
  10. Bring Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell and make them dance untill they die (literally) like this
  11. Coachella works like a Superbowl... Every headliner brings guests...
  12. BTW SUBLIME IS ON THE FESTIVAL... What about Doin Time Live
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