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  1. I really hope The Apple ends up being on the album. It's Charli's most intriguing lyrical work to date and I'm really curious what production would get used over this piece of poetry this song is.
  2. yeah, except for the fact that Lucy Liu is like 1 billion times better (not shade to Spring Breakers tho)
  3. OK Charli gurl the set was cool, now where tf is the album announcement, title and release date?
  4. Yeah, I just thought it was worth reminding cause something THAT POSITIVE was what was needed to break the negativity which occurred after everyone here trashed the terrible ass rollout lmao.
  5. ''One track that’s sure to send Deuxmoi and Discord servers into overdrive finds Charli singing about the fraught relationship she has with an unnamed female artist'' Girl is confirmed to be on the album y'all.
  6. Having Snippets shared on TikTok by her is a completely different thing from having a bunch (god knows how many) of FULL songs played at a live show I just refuse to listen to it.
  7. I just refuse to believe the the album will come out in fucking June. She has already done a private listening party with fans and she's going to play new songs on the Boiler Room Show on Thursday. Having songs from the album floating around 4 months before its release would be a FUCKING MESS!
  8. I completely stopped listening to the Von Dutch snippet a few days ago, and holy fuck it's stuck on my head 24/7.
  9. no, you're right, every single track is the definition of what a love anthem should be, especially Drugs
  10. Snippets are giving Hot Girl but with actually good production. So here for it
  11. While I enjoy Slut Pop Miami for what it is (a collection of raunchy bops), I can't help but wait for the time when Kim releases something which has a consistent artistic vision and not just a bunch of already existing tracks.
  12. The new snippet is produced by both Hudmo and Gesaffelstein, mark my words Oh we're eating good
  13. Where tf is the album announcement?
  14. I can see myself forgiving Charli for the terrible ass Von Dutch rollout if the album drops at max early April.
  15. Is it just me, or the Boiler Room Announcement snippet is giving Daft Punk Human After All era, in the best way possible?
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