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26 minutes ago, Anonymcomenter said:

Rhinestone Heart having more streams than Dramatic, My Body, Girl Like Me and Tear Me Open is a travesty 



It also got a lot more views on TikTok than the rest of visualisers so maybe it’s her mainstream moment?? Not my fave either but go off Slay

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It was put at the top of a few pop / gay playlists on spotify like "Obsessed" right now has Slayyyter as the cover and Rhinestone Heart is the first song on the playlist.


I definitely could see the label preferring to push this song vs the others since its one of the most tame lyrically and has a sound the general public can handle lol.

Purr still has the most streams of every non-single despite this though. Purr and Plastic definitely have that "stan twitter fan video / tik tok sound" appeal like many Ayesha tracks do so well with. Her tiktok account actually has Purr as a sound "highlighted" at the top of her sounds tab implying she / her label want that sound to go farther.

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7 minutes ago, LunaeManifestum said:

fixed that real quick for you :kiss3:


and no, we won’t accept E-Boy slander in here

don’t even compare… Motorcycle is good… actually (in the mixtape) the run from Daddy AF to a Ghostt is impecable except for E-Boy and that unnecessary feature 



anyways, I’m afraid Memories Of You and Rhinestone Heart are getting the filler track treatment here… a shame with all the good unreleased stuff (Heartbeat Away and Psycho Lover deserved a spotttt!!)


TP overall had more replay value for me except for Letters 

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Sooo, if rating goes for me this would be SF:


1.       Hollywood!                    8,2/10

2.       Miss Belladonna          10/10

3.       Dramatic                          9/10

4.       My Body                         10/10

5.       Memories Of You           3/10

6.       Rhinestone Heart           0/10       (I cringe so hard)

7.       Erotic Electronic          9,6/10

8.       Purrr                              8,2/10

9.       Plastic                             7/10

10.     Girl Like Me                  8,5/10

11.     Tear Me Open               10/10

12.     Out Of Time                  9,6/10

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And for TP:



1.       Self Destruct                  5/10

2.       Venom                            6/10

3.       Throatzilla                   7,5/10

4.       Dog House                  8,2/10

5.       Butterflies….                10/10

6.       Troubled Paradise      10/10

7.       Clouds                          10/10

8.       Cowboys                      8,5/10

9.       Serial Killer                   9,5/10

10.     Over This!                     10/10

11.     Villain                            8,2/10

12.     Letters                          7,4/10


overall here the concept is weaker but the I think the individual songs are catchier and more “original” to say so. Also, more variety and versatility!


Unpopular opinion, I know 

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