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Natalia Kills

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Natalia Kills

(A.K.A.: Natalia Keery-Fisher, Verbz, Verbalicious, Natalia Capuccini, Verbal Issues)

Called the dark pop princess, her music sounds like rubbing an ex-boyfriend's wet face with bare connected wires, while enjoying it, and after that writing his whole body with your favorite lipstick.
After SEVERAL flops with other kinds of "artistic" names and styles, it seems she finally found her correct persona, and I'm seriously glad she did because her music is amazing. It's unbelievable.
Her upcoming album, Trouble, seems to be a brain-exploding noisy punk electro rock-ish record which, she said, "the lyrics will carry a little more personal and obscure thematics" (how better can it still get? <3)



(The debut album)


01- Perfectionist (Intro)

02- Wonderland

03- Free (Feat. Will i Am)
04- Kill My Boyfriend

05- Break You Hard

06- Zombie

07- Love Is A Suicide

08- Mirrors

09- Acid Annie

10- Superficial

11- Not In Love

12- Broke

13- Heaven

14- Nothing Lasts Forever

15- If I Was God

16- Free (Solo Version)


Singles Videos:


(TOTALLY mad about Nothing Lasts Forever not being a single and, furthermore, not having a video, and the same with Love is A Suicide. Both are my favorite tracks <3)












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She debuted two new tracks from the album a couple of days ago. They're called "Rabbit Hole" and "Feel Myself". She also performed Free, Controversy, Problem and a bit of Kelis' song Milkshake.




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Don't forget Kill My Boyfriend in the tracklist of Perfectionist.


Sorta pressed my US physical copy only has 10 tracks, like I wanted the other 4 too 


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@willianrawr: @NataliaKills Do you have plans to work with Lana Del Rey? #askNatalia


@NataliaKills: @willianrawr i LOVE her... soooooooo much....


She does seem to be ripping her schtick for her next album...The poor bitch in a motel thing...


That said, Feel Myself is pretty good and I can see myself enjoying Trouble.

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