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Kim Petras

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Just now, iamjocelyn said:

lets be real kim was never that strong in the video department, clarity only had one music video as well

And it was the best music video of her career. She definitely can give visuals...if she doesn't do weird choreo and hires someone who can direct.

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On 10/11/2023 at 12:40 PM, AzzyCxndy said:

Clarity will always be her debut album, TOTL will always be her sophomore album, Problematique will ALWAYS be her 3rd studio album


FTB and Slut Pop shall be orphaned

1. Era 1
2. Clarity
3. FTB
4. Problématique

1. Turn Off The Light
2. Turn Off The Light Vol. 2
3. Slut Pop



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I finally settled for a Problématique tracklist. It's lowkey a slay so: (1-12 standard, 13-18 deluxe)

  1. Problématique
  2. The Future Starts Now
  3. All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton)
  4. Coconuts
  5. Born Again
  6. Confession
  7. Hit It From the Back
  8. Dirty Things
  9. Je T'adore
  10. Revelations
  11. Deeper
  12. Your Time to Cry
  13. Left My Body
  14. Something About You
  15. Sex Talk
  16. Treat Me Like a Hoe
  17. Love Ya Leave Ya
  18. Running Up That Hill (Target bonus)

"I'm wild, I'm free, no man can handle me"


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9 minutes ago, drewby said:

Eat is horrible and is yet another example of them not knowing what the fuck to do with her/her album.

Agreed, Try Again and Lolita are so much better than other songs made in the FTB sessions like Eat, Bread, Roller Girl etc.

"I'm wild, I'm free, no man can handle me"


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I’ve been working on my own FTB tracklist. Still not 100% satisfied with it but I like how it’s taking shape. I kinda see a story attached to the album, at first she’s in love, then heartbreak, then healing, then control. Not exactly sure how Try Again fits in with the story but I feel like it fits just before the title track (which I like as a closer track). 


I’m hoping the intro to the FTB tour will leak in studio quality, I feel like adds somewhat of a storybook opening to the album. I like Eat but I’m not sure if I would include it on the record. I’d probably cut it down to a short interlude. I also hate how Kim has such a small part in BAIT so I’d try and remaster it with the Dolby Atmos stems and run some BANKS vocals through AI to make it a solo track.

  1. Heart Of The Beast (Interlude)
  2. Castle in the Sky
  3. Alone w Nicki Minaj (Remix Version)
  4. Claws (Demo Version)
  5. King of Hearts 
  6. Thousand Pieces
  7. Minute
  8. Dance to Forget (?? Not sure abt this)
  9. EAT (Interlude)
  10. fla$hy (w the City Girls)
  11. Lolita
  12. uhoh
  13. Valhalla (w BANKS)
  14. BAIT (solo)
  15. Try Again
  16. Feed the Beast

idk! What do yall think of FTB (Dua Lipa’s Version) hehe


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my FTB tracklist (keeping the problematique tracks cause I feel like they add to the album)


(Standard Tracklist)


  1. Castle In The Sky

  2. Alone - Extended

  3. Sex Talk

  4. Brrr

  5. Feed The Beast

  6. Uh Oh

  7. Villain (feat. Madison Beer)

  8. Claws

  9. King Of Hearts

10. Revelations

11. Bait (feat. BANKS)

12. Hit It From The Back

13. Thousand Pieces

14. Minute

15. Try Again


(Deluxe Tracklist)

16. Lolita

17. Valhalla (feat. BANKS)

18. Power

19. Ein Tausend Teile

20. Somber

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On 10/14/2023 at 10:27 PM, 13 Bitches said:




sounds very unfinished but a bop nonetheless 


22 hours ago, Veinsineon said:

Eat is so good FTB should’ve been a whole mixtape of clubby songs like this KOH and Uh Oh

The potential that a finished version of this has/had. Honestly sounds more "Problematique" than FTB to me.

🎶 Art decorates space, but music decorates time 🎶

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