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  1. 4 music videos, pleaassseee!!! She can give us a Hype Williams serve, too.
  2. The album is coming October 22nd. Lana is clearly just waiting for me to get a job, so that she can drain me of my income, serving 5 professional high-budget visuals with brilliant cinematography and storytelling and 4 vinyl variants, a pearlescent white vinyl included.
  3. I have such a love-hate relationship with how fast Lana puts out new content. I know I'm going to love every album she puts out, but everything she puts out has so much more potential to succeed, that she never gives it time to explore that. I'm growing even more in love with Chemtrails with every listen and the era barely existed. I just know that when Blue Bannisters is released, I'm probably going to forget about Chemtrails and I don't like the thought thereof.
  4. That's enough excitement for the evening. Goodnight from this timezone
  5. Watch BB being the only single from the album. Dreaming of 4 music videos at this point seems unrealistic. Even the possibility of two homemade videos.
  6. I'm kinda getting Black Beauty vibes from the instrumental, but this sounds much brighter. Am I lying or...?
  7. If Blue Bannisters is about her relationship with Clay and the joy she feels from it, ROSES BLOOM FOR YOU IS COMING!
  8. If she has an orchestral rock song like Bittersweet Symphony on BB...
  9. I DM'd. They didn't reveal their source, but today, they said not to get too caught up in Lana. Moreover, they said RCS is merely a single. They're 80% accurate, soooo they stimulate my delusions.
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