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  1. agecando

    Text Book

    but who cares about that tho? i don’t get why some people bring that twitter negativity over here. it’s enough for the right people to get the message and see the bigger picture in lana’s lyricism, not everybody is going to understand it
  2. not ya’ll ungrateful asses having a problem with the album if it only would have 11 songs like of course I would love a career defining 18 tracks masterpiece but we just got an album 2 months ago. I’m happy and feeling blessed that we’re getting 3 songs so early and excited for however many tracks the album is going to have
  3. i love that we’ve been speculating over nothing for the last months and we’re finally here besties we made it
  4. i’m crying, i’m shaking, i won’t be able to sleep tonight- she has so much power over me
  5. I would love for that to happen again I’ve been dreaming of her on a motorcycle for an album cover and when she announced RCS I thought that maybe that could happen but I’m not sure it fits with BB... She hinted Harley Davidson on the bb snippet tho so maybe it’s not that crazy of an idea
  6. Mike Dean posted something on IG with Lana and deleted right away, does someone know what was it?
  7. yess! i’m wanting something neo-soul a la Erykah Badu
  8. I can’t wait for the snippet to be recognized by shazam so we can hopefully find the rest of the tracklist
  9. I did too, but when I clicked the notif it was the BB snippet
  10. I strongly believe the album is still called Rock Candy Sweet and some just interpreted wrongly the july 4th post. The music video was recored in november, and since it looks like she’s been working on this album for quite some time, I find it hard to believe that she decided out of nowhere, after announcing the initial name of the album (wich is still up on her instagram) to just change it in a matter of weeks. With her second post about BB i think she was just letting us know that that’s going to be the first single and that the album got delayed for a bit.
  11. manifesting for “waiting for the birds to attack” to be track 9 after dealer 8. Dealer 9. Waiting for the birds to attack 10. Boom like that i know that’s right
  12. It’ll be the LMLYLAW of the album I’m so excited that we already know two songs from the tracklist 1. Rock Candy Sweet 2. Blue Banisters 3. ...
  13. It mostly definitely is a song... why would she announce a poem like that? I don’t think that’s a thing in literature, like, you just release the project all at once and that’s it.
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